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Hai Phong Customs strives to achieve new budget record of nearly 50,000 billion VND

20:36 | 13/08/2016

VCN - Hai Phong Customs has revised the budget target for each branch and raised their target of total revenue of Hai Phong Customs Department in 2016 to 49,927 billion VND.

hai phong customs strives to achieve new budget record of nearly 50000 billion vnd
Operation activities at Thai Binh Customs Branch. Photo: T.Binh

The target above is much higher than the estimate of 2016 which was 1,337 billion VND (estimate of indicators of 2016 is 48,590 billion VND) and highest results of the Department.

Among 9 Customs Branch and departments directly under the post-clearance checks in Haiphong, Customs Branch of Hai Phong ports region III is the highest with 11,050 billion VND. The second unit is the Customs Branch of Haiphong ports area I with target of 10,000 billion VND..

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Among the remaining departments, the Customs Branch of the Pacific has the largest adjustment of targets over estimate. Estimate indicators of Branch are 900 billion, but according to targets set by the Hai Phong Customs Department, 2016 Pacific Customs Branch received 2,200 billion.

On 9 August 2016, disvussing with reporters about why the number of Departments have collected a large difference between the estimates and targets, Mr.Vu Ngoc Minh, Head of Customs Branch of Thai Binh said that at the end of July the revenue of units reached 1,500 billion VND, thus capable of fulfilling the targets are feasible. By an average of 7 months, collected more than 214 billion vnd units per month, and this pace is likely to be maintained until the end of the year.

Explaining the results spike, Mr. Vu Ngoc Minh said, 2016 generated many cases of investment projects for import of machinery and equipment with increased revenues of Value Added Tax, especially in the thermal power plant project Thai Binh I and II.

According to preliminary update of the General Department of Customs, Customs Department Haiphong budget revenues 28 079 billion, accounting for 57.79% of the target estimates, accounted for 18% of total sector revenues; the units is in the second rank after HCMC Customs Department

by T.Binh/Thanh Thuy