November 18, 2018 17:55

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Hai Phong Customs discovered two scrap containers

19:32 | 14/06/2018

VCN – In the afternoon of 11/6, the Customs Enforcement Unit (Hai Phong Customs Department) discovered and inspected 2 scrap containers unqualified for importing.

tin nhap 20180614172454
scrap container unqualified for importing.

Representative of Hai Phong Customs Enforcement Unit said that: 2 containers, series TCNU4148650, TCNU8979056, were transported by the PIRA BHUM ship and entered the country via Hai Phong port area on 19/5/2018. This shipment named Asian Express Line as the shipping agent and a branch of a logistics company in Hai Phong as a freight forwarding agent.

Cargo was sent by Ziyang (HK) Logistics Warehouse Limited (Address: Room 1605A, Ho King Comm.Centre 2-16 Fa yuen Street, Mongkok, KL, Hong Kong), and the consignee is an enterprise with an address in Hai Phong. The goods shown on the bill of lading are 120 old pineapple sacks.

In the process of verification, the customs authorities detected the signs of containing prohibited goods in the shipment, so they conducted a physical inspection in accordance with regulations. The initial results showed that the two containers did not contain old pineapple sacks as the information showed on the bill of lading. It was scrap plastic, which is not eligible for import.

Regarding imported non-standard scrap, Hai Phong Customs Department recently published warning information to the business community.

According to Hai Phong Customs Department, in recent times, shipments of plastic scrap transport to Hai Phong port increased rapidly, but this item must meet the environmental conditions as prescribed when importing. However, some enterprises do not comply with regulations on trading and importing scrap, leading to the area of Hai Phong port still existing with a large number of scrap containers.

This causes the risk of environmental pollution, affecting the production and business activities of the port enterprises, and is the responsibility of shipping companies and freight forwarding agents.

In order to ensure the business operation of warehouses and ports safely, without congestion and affecting the environment, Hai Phong Customs Department has recently proposed shipping agents and forwarding agents to take measures to control the signing of contracts on the transportation of scrap material shipments from abroad into Vietnam, ensuring the goods are eligible for import, because the goods consignees shall have to bear the responsibility...

Here are some photos of two containers of plastic scrap which did not meet import standards and were detected by Hai Phong Customs Enforcement Unit on 11/6.

tin nhap 20180614172454
Plastic scrap is a used computer case.
tin nhap 20180614172454
Many kind of plastic scraps are banned from importing by China from the beginning of 2018. Customs authorities has repeatedly warned that Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries would become
tin nhap 20180614172454
Plastic scrap is taken out of the container.

Faced with the threat of massive amounts of scrap imports into Vietnam, the Prime Minister has asked ministries and sectors to tighten management.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Finance; Industry and Trade; Natural Resources and Environment to promptly review and tighten the import of scrap into Vietnam; At the same time, to intensify the inspection and examination of trading activities and processing of discarded materials to meet environmental requirements.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy