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Hai Phong: Collecting nearly 550 billion VND of temporary import and re-export goods

20:23 | 10/12/2016

VCN – Only in the first 10 months of 2016, the revenue collected from service costs relating to temporary import and re-export, transit, storage in bonded warehouses in Hai Phong exceeded the revenue in 2015.

hai phong collecting nearly 550 billion vnd of temporary import and re export goods
The volume of temporary imported and re-export goods, transit, stored in bonded warehouse in Hai Phong then transport to China annually is very large. Photo: T.Bình

According to Hai Phong Customs Department, at the end of October, these revenues reached 543.8 billion VND.

Reportedly, the People's Committee of Hai Phong started to collect fees from December 2013, the revenue collected in the first month reached 29 billion VND. In 2014, the revenue increased to 281 billion VND, and in 2015 was 462 billion VND.

According to the Hai Phong Customs Department, Hai Phong port has geographic location as a major international seaport in the Northeast region so the amount of goods temporarily imported procedures for re-export, transshipment, stored in bonded warehouses across the area is large. The goods temporarily imported through Hai Phong Port are often transported to provinces in the North then distributed to the markets in the southern provinces of China. Actually, this form of trading is cargo services of Vietnam enterprises that transport to third countries, through the border gate in land and sea, needs to be charged.

The fees collection for goods temporarily imported for re-export, transit, stored in bonded warehouses has been implemented by the Northern provinces at the border region for many years. Also, this is an important additional source for local budgets to serve to reinvest, overhaul and for maintenance of infrastructure systems for import and export operations.

By T.Bình/Thanh Thuy