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Hai Duong exports nearly 5,000 tonnes of lychees

15:14 | 13/07/2016

The northern province of Hai Duong has exported nearly 5,000 tonnes of lychees since the beginning of this year’s season.

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tin nhap 20160713142154
Hai Duong exports nearly 5,000 tonnes of lychees.

The lychees have been exported to various markets, including China, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, France, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and Belgium.

Among them, China is the biggest importer with over 2,000 tonnes, followed by the Republic of Korea with 500 tonnes, France 90 tonnes, and Australia 18 tonnes.

For this year’s crop, Hai Duong’s total lychee production is estimated at 36,000 tonnes, a 30% decrease compared to last year.

However, this year’s fruits have a higher quality as the local authorities have called on lychee farmers to adopt the Vietnam Good Agricultural Practice (VietGap) and the Global Good Agricultural Practice (GlobalGap) standards. Thanks to the improved quality, the province’s lychees have been sold for higher prices at market.

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Hai Duong has around 11,000 hectares of lychee farms, including 300 hectares in Chi Linh town and Thanh Ha district employing the VietGap and Global-Gap cultivation standards.

Source: Nhan Dan Newspaper