July 11, 2020 02:18

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Ha Tinh: "Hot" drug since beginning of the year

09:16 | 21/02/2020

VCN - In the early days of the New Year, Ha Tinh Customs worked with relevant forces in the area to solve four drug cases with the seized material evidences of more than 49 kg of all kinds of drugs and 42,000 tablets of synthetic drugs. The results of this struggle show the situation of drugs in the Vietnam border through Ha Tinh province has not cooled off.  

ha tinh hot drug since beginning of the year Warning foreigners hidden behind enterprises for transporting drugs
ha tinh hot drug since beginning of the year Ha Tinh Customs seize 40kg of narcostics and 5kg of ketamin
ha tinh hot drug since beginning of the year Ha Tinh Customs coordinate to seize large amount of drugs
ha tinh hot drug since beginning of the year
Subjects Pó Chua Xồng (holding white paper) with material evidence of 36,000 pink roses and 4 kg of synthetic drugs in stone form were seized on February 2 by related forces. Photo: Strengths

Four cases in a short time

According to Ha Tinh Customs Department, the situation of drug-related crimes in the locality features complicated developments, drug trafficking does not stop at exchanging and trading normally among drug-addicted people, but there are organised, systematic and transnational groups.

To enhance the fight against smuggling and illegal transportation of drugs across the border before, during and after the Lunar New Year in 2020, on November 18, 2019, the Drug Prevention and Control Team ( Customs Department of Ha Tinh) built plan 172 / KH-ĐMT synchronously implementing professional measures an working with relevant forces inside and outside the industry to focus fiercely on trading activities, storing and illegally transporting narcotics; reviewing key subjects, regions and routes to detect, prevent and handle drug crimes.

At noon 6/1, the Huong Son District Police and Drug Control Team collaborated with Cau Treo International Border Gate Customs Sub-Department to catch Ha Giong Li, born in 1968, residing Ban Ban Quack 2, Na Ngoi commune, Ky Son district, Nghe An province transporting 6,000 red roses. This case is the first victory of the forces, including Ha Tinh Customs on the front of drug prevention.

On February 2, at Rao Mac stream area, in Son Kim 1 commune, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province, Cau Treo international border gate Customs Sub-Department worked with Ha Tinh Market Management force and Cau Treo international border-guard station and arrested Po Chua Xoong, born in 1998, residing in Ban Thoong Mam, Cam Coc district, Bôlykhămxay (Laos), going through forests with 4 kg of stone drugs and 36,000 synthetic drug pills across the border.

Only four days later (February 6), on Highway 8C from the direction of Son Lam commune to Pho Chau town, through hamlet 5, Son Giang, Huong Son, Ha Tinh; Drug Control Team (Ha Tinh Customs Department) and Ha Tinh Police coordinated with the police of Huong Son district and seized two subjects, Tran Long Bien, born in 1983, residing in Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh and Nguyen Huu Hai provinces, born in 1983, residing in Thach Trung commune, Ha Tinh city for illegal acts of trafficking and transporting narcotics while they are travelling in Toyota BKS 61A-130.87 branded cars, transporting 40 kg of methamphetamine and 5 kg of ketamine. Recently, Customs and Public Security arrested one person who was transporting 600 grams of stone drugs.

ha tinh hot drug since beginning of the year
Cau Treo international border-gate customs use scanners to uncover the tactics of disguising drugs in goods. Photo: Dao Le

Resolutely push back drug crime

Facing drug-related crimes in Ha Tinh province, which is very complicated, Nguyen Dinh Long, Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department, said the unit has intensified directing units, especially the Drug Prevention Control Team cooperates with other units inside and outside the industry to deploy drug prevention and fighting activities in the area through patrol, control to grasp the situation and search for key objects.

Besides, the main preventive solution continues to promote propaganda about the methods, tricks, consequences and harms of drugs to social life; to raise vigilance and sense of responsibility of customs officers and employees in the fight against drug crimes; mobilise the public to participate in preventing, detecting and denouncing drug-related crimes.

ha tinh hot drug since beginning of the year Ha Tinh Customs coordinates to seize 6,000 tablets of ecstacy

VCN – According to Ha Tinh Customs Department, Cau Treo Customs Branch worked with competent force in ...

In addition, Ha Tinh Customs has strengthened inspection and supervision of potential goods abusive objects, such as transit goods, temporarily imported goods for re-export with determination not to let drugs flow into Vietnam through Ha Tinh border gates. At the same time, focus on collecting enterprise’s information to detect objects that take advantage of shipping this item and enhance inspection to raise the inspection flow for suspected shipments. Coordinate with the Laos authorities to exchange information, provide methods, tricks and situation of drug crimes; detect and investigate drug crimes.

By Đao Le/Bui Diep