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Ha Tinh Customs reviews revenues before Covid-19 impacts

11:47 | 24/03/2020

VCN – Before Covid-19’s impacts, enterprises had to face many difficulties and reduction in imports and exports, so to ensure revenues and fulfill assigned tasks, Ha Tinh Customs has reviewed revenues and further support business and production of enterprises.


ha tinh customs reviews revenues before covid 19 impacts Enterprises from 2 key import markets of textile sector suspend import
ha tinh customs reviews revenues before covid 19 impacts NoiBai Customs quickly clears entry passengers’ luggagedue to Covid-19 pandemic
ha tinh customs reviews revenues before covid 19 impacts Businesses propose incentives amid COVID-19 outbreak
ha tinh customs reviews revenues before covid 19 impacts
Cau Treo Customs officers guide enterprises customs procedures. Photo: Hoang Thuong

According to Deputy Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department Dinh Van Hoa, the department was assigned a budget target of VND 6,800 billion. However, the US – China trade war and Covid-19 pandemic have directly affected all fields of the economy and society, including import and export activities as well.

In the first months of the year, the volume of imports and exports at border gates significantly fell. Typically, at Vung Ang port border gate Customs Branch - a unit with budget remittance accounting for more than 90% of the department’s revenue, to date, the number of customs declarations fell as much as 37%, import and export turnover reached US$5050 million, down 43%, State budget revenue reached VND876 billion, down 40% compared to the same period last year. Many items saw decreased imports and exports from 30% to 40% such as scrap, coal materials, imported machinery and equipment, steel and blast furnace slag.

At Cau Treo international border gate Customs branch, turnover and budget remittance had more positive signs than the same period last year. Particularly, the department carried out e-custom clearance for 1,377 declarations of 193 enterprises (up 5.4%) and collected $49.5 million (up 5.5%) and remitted to the State budget VND30.72 billion (up by 11.6%).

Till the end of March 17, Ha Tinh Customs cleared 2,348 declarations of 214 enterprises and collected $569.7 million, reducing 10.9% of declarations, 7.2% of enterprises and 34% of turnover compared to the same period in 2019. Reduced import and export turnover led to a year-on-year decrease of 39.2% in budget remittance and turnover only reached VND907.44 billion or 13.5% of the assigned target.

According to Dinh Van Hoa, due to the complex development of the current Covid-19 epidemic, it is predicted import and export activities will sharply reduce and target of VND 6,800 billion will be a difficult task. Thereby, the department has reviewed, evaluated and taken solutions as well as accompanied and supported enterprises to contribute to surmounting difficulties and accelerating imports and exports during the epidemic.

Ha Tinh Customs has directed its units to exchange and capture import and export situation of enterprises, especially enterprises with large revenues and frequent import and export activities to share, accompany and remove problems. At the border gate, Customs branches are always ready to ensure import and export activities smooth and safe and avoid congestion at border gates and arrange customs officers on duty 24/7 to carry out customs clearance for enterprises.

ha tinh customs reviews revenues before covid 19 impacts Businesses propose incentives amid COVID-19 outbreak

Cutting interest rates and corporate income and added value duties and extending loan payments and tax and ...

In the near future, to remove difficulties for enterprises affected by the Covid-19 as well as to ensure implementation of assigned political tasks, Dinh Van Hoa said, Ha Tinh Customs will continue programmes and plans on administrative reform, customs modernisation, budget collection, risk management, anti-smuggling, anti-trade fraud and arrange customs officers who are experienced and skilled to carry out customs procedures as quick as possible; comply with regulations on prevention and combat against the epidemic; closely monitoring the epidemic development to actively advise and propose the General Department of Customs, People’s Committee of Ha Tinh province solutions to address difficulties and problems to promote import and export activities.


By Dao Le/ Huyen Trang