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Ha Tinh Customs: Receiving and solving 297 dossiers through online public service

17:02 | 06/12/2017

VCN – According to a representative of Ha Tinh Customs Department, after 8 months of officially implementing an online public service system, the unit has received and solved over 297 dossiers of administrative procedures in Customs sector of enterprises in the management area. 

hai quan ha tinh tiep nhan va giai quyet 297 ho so qua dich vu cong truc tuyen
Vung Anh Customs officers guided enterprises to do customs procedure. Photo: Bùi Hồng Nụ

As known, the dossiers of administrative procedure are received and solved on the system, which was officially launched on 1/3/2017 and operating till now, are mainly in these categories: Cancel, adjust customs declaration, additional declaration of tax dossiers; tax refund under Circular No.38/2015/TT-BTC, and origin of automobile declaration confirmation procedure.

In particular, the number of dossiers sharp increase in recent time has produced great concern from the business community and residents for this type of public administrative service.

At the end of 11/2017, recording on the system of Ha Tinh Customs Department, there were 34 enterprises that have participated. However, administrative procedures that have been conducted with the online public service system are not varied, because many Customs procedures under competent level of the Department and Branch have not been deployed and used yet. Some enterprises don’t really care and some are still afraid of IT technology.

In that, 66 paper dossiers related to tax refund procedure for considering getting approval of tax refund, non-collection according to Circular No.38/2015/TT-BTC, and 4 dossiers for canceling customs declarations that were lodged directly by the enterprises.

Moreover, Ha Tinh Customs Department has implemented 18 procedures under competent of the General Department of Vietnam Customs at level 4, and 2 procedures at level 3; 12 procedures under competent of Customs Department at level 4.

In order to complete quickly, conveniently, scientifically and to reduce working pressure for Customs officers for improving quality and effectiveness, Ha Tinh Customs Department will direct its units to review, strengthen the deploying team of online public service; strengthen and propagate the benefits of the online public service system in order to reduce time, cost, paperwork and dossiers in the process of completing the procedures of enterprises.

To encourage enterprises in the area to actively participate in the implementation of administrative procedures related to the import-export field under the competent level of Department and Branch on the online public services system of Customs sector; to guide and promptly respond to difficulties and problems of the business community, and customs declarants in the course of implementation.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy