November 19, 2018 03:36

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Ha Tinh Customs: Positive signs from revenue collection

10:33 | 09/06/2018

VCN- As of June 3 2018, Ha Tinh Customs Department collected and contributed over VND 2,311 billion to the State budget, reaching 74.55% compared to the assigned target (VND 3,100 billion). One of the solutions that contributed to the positive result is that the Department has promptly supported, understood and removed shortcomings which have been proposed by enterprises, thereby, boosting confidence and attracting enterprises to carry out Customs procedures here.

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ha tinh customs positive signs from revenue collection
Customs officers of Vung Ang Customs Branch supervise exported goods of Formosa Company at port. Photo: H.N

Revenue sharply increased

According to the statistics, from the beginning of the year to now, 295 enterprises have implemented e-Customs declaration, reaching 100% of enterprises carrying out Customs procedures; 9,909 Customs declarations have been processed via VNACCS/VCIS with a total import and export turnover of US$ 1,011 million; 456 administrative procedures have been received and handled via the online public service system without dossiers that are handled in excess of the time limit or backlog. Besides the number of enterprises locating in the province carrying out Customs procedures, many enterprises in other provinces have also registered to carry out import and export procedures in Ha Tinh. This confirms that the Ha Tinh Customs’ operational activities have really created confidence for enterprises and accompanied with enterprises in import and export operation.

Ha Tinh Customs Department said that the increase of 116.1% of import and export turnover from the beginning of the year to now is due to the high increase of the import and export of construction materials, ores and wood chips, and the import of raw materials for the project of the steel complex and the deep-water port of the Formosa.

Talking with the correspondent of the Customs Newspaper about the reason for the State revenue increase, Mr. Luong Truong Tho, Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department said that the sharp increase of the State revenue collected by the Ha Tinh Customs from the beginning of the year to now was due to the Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Co., Ltd, importing a huge volume of coal, iron ore, steel billet as raw materials for production for the Company. On the other hand, the remaining part of machinery and equipment was imported to create fixed assets for the first phase of the project of Formosa Company in this period. In parallel with the import of machinery, equipment and raw materials, the Formosa Company also exported large quantities of coke (finished products) with large turnover which contributed to the increase of the Tax revenue for the Department.

Besides the large amount of revenue from goods imported and exported by Formosa Company, the import and export turnover of some traditional items such as petroleum products, electronics and refrigeration, wood chips, and limestone sharply increased.

According to Mr. Luong Truong Tho, together with the support and removal of difficulties for enterprises, the Department worked with the Department of Planning and Investment, the Management Board of Ha Tinh Economic Zone and project owners in the province to grasp the business production and progress of the project as well as the capacity to import machinery, equipment and raw materials of enterprises. Strengthening collaboration with the State treasury of Ha Tinh province, Tax Department of Ha Tinh Province in refunding overpaid and mistakenly paid Tax amounts.

Especially, in order to accelerate the business development of enterprises, the Ha Tinh Customs has actively removed shortcomings for enterprises and promptly proposed to the higher level agencies to handle problems beyond its competency related to import duty refund for the imported wood for re-export to a third country; the import procedures for cars imported into economic zones before 1st September 2016, and shortcomings on C/O, additional submission and etc.

Taking initiative to link with enterprises

Assessing the general revenue collection, Ha Tinh Customs Department said that the revenues were still unsustainable and unbalanced. In the total revenues, the revenue in seaports was convenient (accounting 90%) but it was difficult to collect in land border areas. The revenue from VAT accounted for 88% of the Department’s total revenue, mainly from the import of machinery and equipment for fixed assets of Formosa Company.

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VCN- Talking with the correspondent on the revenue collection of the unit, the representative of Ha Tinh ...

The Ha Tinh Customs Department said that although the revenue collected by the Department was so high compared to the previous years, this result was not appropriate with investment projects that Ha Tinh attracted over the past time. This meant that the State revenue amounts were not really equivalent to the the socio-economic development of Ha Tinh province.

Mr. Luong Truong Tho said that in the second half of the year, the Department would focus all resources and is determined to complete and exceed the estimate.

From the beginning of the year to now, Ha Tinh Customs Department has conducted 8 post clearance audits and detected 1 unlawful enterprise. Accordingly, the Department contributed VND 9.41 billion to the State budget, reaching 627% compared to the assigned target (VND 1.5 billion). However, the number of audits is still low due to the large number and complication of items subject to be inspected such as fire- resistant cement, chemicals, machinery and equipment of Formosa Company, thereby, the inspection times have been prolonged.