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Ha Tinh Customs: Coordinate to seize six people and large haul of drugs

10:12 | 08/10/2019

VCN – According to the information provided by Ha Tinh Customs Department, the unit coordinated with the Border Defense force to arrest six people and seize two handguns, 50 bullets and a huge amount of drugs.

By grasping the line of trafficking and transporting large quantities of drugs from Laos to Vietnam through Cau Treo international border gate, the Ha Tinh Border force and Customs force has established the 487L specialized project.

tin nhap 20191008093645
six Laotian people (holding white paper) and drugs at the investigation agency.

After a period of investigation, at 6:30PM on October 4, at Km 59, Highway 8A, in Kim Cuong 2 Village, Son Kim 1 Commune, Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Border force and Ha Tinh Customs force caught two Laotian citizens names Xo Vang (born in 1994, residing in Thong Cha Lon) and Kieng Kham Ten Lu Hien (born in 1990, residing in Nong O, Kham cot district, Bolykhamxay province) while they were illegally transported 30 bricks of heroin, 45kg of meth, 6,000 ecstasy tablets, two handguns, 50 bullets, one car and many other items.

tin nhap 20191008093645
The exhibits of the case

Continuing to fight and expand the case, at 7:00 PM the same day, the force continued arresting four more Laotian people in Bolykhamxay province, with two cars.

At the investigation agency, initially, the subjects claimed that they transported drugs from Laos into Vietnam for consumption.

Currently, Ha Tinh Border force is completing dossiers, investigating and handling the case in accordance with regulations.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy