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Ha Noi Customs: VASSCM has been applied at checkpoints, warehouses and yards

13:54 | 03/01/2019

VCN- After successfully applying the Vietnam Automatic System for Customs Management (VASSCM) at 3 warehouses and yards at Noi Bai International Airport; Ha Noi Customs Department has continuously made plans to widely apply the system in CFS warehouses, bonded factories, ICDs and centralized checkpoints.

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ha noi customs vasscm has been applied at checkpoints warehouses and yards

Expanded at 8 warehouses, yards and checkpoints

According to the latest plan, 8 warehouses, yards, and centralized check points managed by Hanoi Customs Department have been applied the VASSCM, including: International Service and Trading Investment Joint Stock Company (IVD); Vietnam Maritime Development Joint Stock Company (VIMADECO) (ICD); Thang Long Logistics Co., Ltd., (centralized inspection site); TASA Phu Tho (ICD); Me Linh Logistics Joint Stock Company (centralized checkpoint); Toyota Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd., (bonded factory); INDO Tran Transport and Forwarding Joint Stock Company - Yen Vien Branch (Warehouse CFS); INDO Tran Transportation and Logistics Joint Stock Company - Yen Vien Branch (centralized checkpoint). These sites are managed by the Customs Branches, including: North Hanoi, Gia Thuy, Bac Thang Long Industrial Park, Yen Vien Railway Station, Vinh Phuc and Phu Tho.

According to Deputy Head of Information Technology Division (under Ha Noi Customs Department) Phung Quang Minh, in order to widen the application of the VASSCM at CFS warehouses, bonded factories, ICDs and centralized checkpoints, Ha Noi Customs Department has prepared carefully, such as by leading in surveying the information technology systems of warehouse, yard and checkpoint operators; assessing the current status of IT application in the management of goods in, out and backlogged at warehouses, yards, ports and checkpoints; connectivity capability between the operators’ system and the VASSCM of the Customs authority; proposing functions and connection model to report to the General Department of Vietnam Customs; regulating coordination activities to deploy the system between the business and the General Department of Vietnam Customs and partners of the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

As a new management system, it brings many benefits to importers, exporters, warehouse, yard, port operators and the Customs authority, however, not all businesses can catch those benefits. According to Ha Noi Customs Department, an important factor to successfully deploy the system is to provide information and to train businesses. The benefits for import and export businesses is reducing the Customs clearance time, cost, documents and moving time; for the Customs it is enhancing management capacity and supervision for goods in, out and backlogged at warehouses, yards and ports; for warehouse, yard and port operators, it is taking the initiative in developing business and business exploitation, thus contributing to reducing costs, improving competitiveness and increase cargo volume.

Ha Noi Customs Department has instructed operators on the process of information exchange, technical requirements and software development connecting with the Customs authorities; handling shortcomings on specialized operations and technical problems; guided operators in developing plans and implementing tasks, committed the roadmap to develop software connecting VASSCM with the Customs authority.

Currently, there have been 31 warehouse operators committed to deploy the connection with the Customs authorities, of which 29 operators announced that they are ready to connect the system and 2 operators have not yet connected. 29 operators have run the pilot technical connection and are continuing to complete the software installation. From 15th October 2019, the Customs authority has completed system configuration to officially connect with 8 ICDs, centralized checkpoint, CFS warehouse and bonded factory operators. The official operation was from 1st November 2018.

Clearing Aviation

Along with the wide deployment of the VASSCM at CFS warehouse, bonded factory and centralized checkpoint operators, Deputy Head of Information Technology Division Phung Quang Minh said that over the past time, Ha Noi Customs Department continuously handled shortcomings when applying VASSCM at Noi Bai International Airport. Since 29th November 2018, the General Department of Vietnam Customs and Ha Noi Customs Department has basically removed technical problems in the deployment of the system. Currently, Ha Noi Customs Department has completed the deployment of the system at Noi Bai Airport. Specifically, the department completed the deployment at NCTS warehouse from 16th October 2017; completed at ALSC and ACSV warehouses from 27th December 2017. As of 15th December 2018, 100% of goods exploited at Noi Bai International Airport were managed by VASSCM. The average exploitation time (from when goods are unloaded from the aircraft until the goods are passed through the monitoring area) decreases from 6 hours to 30 minutes.

Thus, the expansion of VASSCM system in aviation warehouses has brought many benefits to the import and export businesses, warehouse, port and yard operators and the Customs authority. The deployment of the automatic system for aviation Customs management has contributed to reducing time, cost, documents and dossiers in Customs clearance for the businesses. For the warehouse operators, previously, before taking goods out of warehouses they had to submit paper documents to the Customs authority for certification. This consumed businesses’ time and the documents could be fake. Currently, the e-data has been sent via VASSCM to the warehouses to take goods for cleared shipments or were permitted to take out of the Customs control area, helping warehouses to take the initiative in delivering goods, save time, promptly and accurately inform and prevent the making of fake documents to take goods.

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The use of the Unique Consignment Reference as recommended by the World Customs Organization, is a tool that helps the State management agencies and transporters, forwarders, importers and exporters with an agreed identification for consignments and carrying out procedures, to exchange information and manage goods from the port of departure to the port of destination. The system can monitor and record all the information and status of consignments at all times for the management.

The VASSCM allows management agencies to grasp the information of goods before the flight until the goods are cleared, contributing to the close, effective and active management, fast clearance and management for targeted businesses, passengers and flights.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan