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Ha Noi Customs focuses on solutions to reduce State budget losses

08:13 | 23/10/2016

VCN- To execute the task of collecting State budget revenues in 2016, the Customs Department of Ha Noi is requesting all the attached Customs Branch to focus on implementing solutions to reduce losses to the State budget.

ha noi customs focuses on solutions to reduce state budget losses

Accordingly, in addition to long-term and revenue solutions, such as researching and proposing new policy solutions, in order to create favorable conditions for import-export activities and increase State budget revenues and prevent businesses from taking advantage of loopholes in policies to seek profit, the leaders of the Customs Department of Ha Noi have requested all units to focus on the prevention of revenue losses, the acquisition and handling of tax debts, inspection and examination.

The units of the Department must actively review import-export items and businesses which often have problems; identify key items and businesses; identify the suspicious signs of mis-stating numbers, value, origin, tariff, model, type, capacity, etc. to ensure that units collect accurate and sufficient taxes for the State budget.

Specifically, the Customs Department of Ha Noi requested all units to focus on commodity classification and tariff application. Customs units must check and classify in a unified way all commodities having classification results, and prevent an item from being categorized into two different HS codes. For the origin of goods, Customs units must check the cases mis-stating the codes to have special preferential tax rates in the special preferential tariff; or cases having commercial invoices issued by a 3rd party or transferring goods through countries or territories that have special preferential tax rates.

On the other hand, the Customs Department of Hanoi focused on preventing revenue losses of Customs value, inspecting and identifying suspicious signs of mis-stating value in order to organize consultation or post-clearance check to reject the declared value, redefine the accurate value and collect sufficient taxes, etc.

Along with the fight against tax losses and the acquisition and handling of tax debts; inspection, checking activities and the fight against smuggling and trade fraud are also concentrated on. The reclaiming of tax debts focused on verifying and clarifying the current situation of tax debt; the debts that are unable to be paid; and reclaiming probable debts. Unannounced inspection teams should be established to prevent revenue losses.

Anti-smuggling and anti-commercial fraud activities will also be strengthened from now to the end of the year. In particular, the fields that are often used to violate the policies are concentrated on, such as the preferential VAT refund policy for exported goods, temporary import for re-export goods and the investment incentive policy, etc.

As of October 17 2016, the Customs Department of Ha noi has collected for the State budget revenues about 14,643 trillion VND, equivalent to 80.46% of the expected State budget revenues in 2016.

By N.Linh / Duy Duc