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Ha Noi Customs attracts 265 new businesses

14:01 | 21/12/2019

VCN- For the effective development of the Customs-Business partnership in 2019, Ha Noi Customs has deployed solutions such as enhancing information, supporting enterprises in enforcing law; strengthening consultation; and coordinating with the business community.  

ha noi customs attracts 265 new businesses Ha Noi Customs Department hit the revenue target soon
ha noi customs attracts 265 new businesses Hanoi Customs Department expected to hit revenue target of VND 22,575 billion
ha noi customs attracts 265 new businesses Ha Noi Customs controls commodities with high risk oforigin fraud
ha noi customs attracts 265 new businesses
Customs operation at Express Cargo Customs Branch (Ha Noi Customs Department). Photo: N.L

A leader of Ha Noi Customs Department said that in 2019, one of the solutions to develop the Customs-Business partnership is to focus on supporting import-export businesses.

The Department issued Decision No. 574/QD-HQHN dated April 26, promulgating the Enterprise Support Plan. Accordingly, the department has listed about 100 targeted enterprises and assigned customs branches to regularly support these enterprises in carrying out customs procedures and instruct commodity management policies and tax policies for enterprises with large revenues and turnover at the department and customs branches.

Regarding the support for businesses, Ha Noi Customs Department has deployed compliance management activities, including compliance support, promotion and control. Accordingly, customs branches managing authorized economic operators have implemented activities such as holding business conferences to solve problems of businesses; establishing a working team to solve problems at each customs branch led by a leader of the customs branch; instructing businesses to comply with new legal documents. As aresult, there are two more businesses that are certified as authorized economic operators in 2019.

Notably, for businesses carrying out customs procedures at customs branches for the first time, the customs branches have assigned customs officers having professional qualifications to check dossiers and support businesses in customs declaration, to collect and update information of businesses through the Business Information Collection Form.

In addition, the department and its subordinate units have regularly consulted legal policies, publicized new policies on customs, tax and related policies for businesses and customs declarants in various forms such as listing and notifying policies to staff carrying out import and export, delivery and receipt staff; giving brochures at headquarters of customs branches. A total of 12 of 12 customs branches held seminars and dialogues with the business community in 2019;organised customs branch level-conferences. Ha Noi Customs Department held a department level-conference.

ha noi customs attracts 265 new businesses Ha Noi Customs Department hit the revenue target soon

VCN- As of December 8 Ha Noi Customs had collected VND 21,660 billion, reaching 100.75 percent of ...

For issues related to tax policies, handling scrap and waste products under the regime of export production and processing, processing enterprises, on-spot import and export procedures, destruction procedures, legal policies, import commodity policies, at dialogue conferences, businesses and the customs authority have regularly exchanged operational activities and solved problems in a direct and indirect manner, ensuring the smooth implementation of customs procedures and meeting requirements on the State management of customs.

Customs-Business partnership development activities have shown the efforts and determination of Ha Noi Customs Department. Accordingly, the number of new businesses at the department has increased sharply. In 2019, 22,286 businesses have carried out customs procedures at Ha Noi Customs Department and 265 new businesses have carried out customs procedures at customs branches.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan