August 18, 2018 13:38

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General Department of Vietnam Customs gives directive on State Revenue collection

15:56 | 01/02/2018

VCN – In 2018, General Department of Vietnam Customs is assigned the target to collect State Budget of 283,000 billion VND. In order to complete this mission, General Department of Vietnam Customs has issued and requested all the units to implement Directive No. 555/CT-TCHQ dated 26/1/2018 on the implementation of state budget collection in 2018. 

general department of vietnam customs gives directive on state revenue collection
Directive of the General Department of Vietnam Customs requested their units in the sector to deploy drastic solutions from the beginning of the year. Photo: N.Linh

Accordingly, the Director General of the General Department of Vietnam Customs requests the units to deploy drastically the tasks from the beginning of the year:

Continuing the implementation of reforming administrative procedures, modernizing customs, facilitating trade and import-export activities in order to shorten the time and expenses for customs clearance of goods in accordance with the item Decree No.119 / 2017 / NQ-CP, Resolution No. 01/2018 / NQ-CP, Decision No. 2026 / QD-TTg and Resolution No. 35/2016 / NQ-CP. Furthermore, requiring agencies to thoroughly understand public officials' awareness, significance and importance of PAR; Receive, resolve, handle effectively and timely difficulties and problems, reflections, recommendations of enterprises, and business associations in the field of customs. To concentrate on implementing solutions and tasks of administrative procedure reform, contributing to improving the business environment, intensifying the coordination with banks, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to participate in export and import activities.

To intensify the post-clearance audit, inspection and fight against smuggling and trade frauds, focusing on the checking of valuation, codes and C/O… for those items which have high tax rates, large import turnover, large import volume. Regarding the inspection work, following the direction of reducing the number of inspections as planned, focusing inspection when detecting signs of violation.

The directive stressed that Customs units in the whole sector step up the work of building up the contingent of civil servants, employees and laborers; Maintain discipline in performing duties.

Strengthening the internal control, discipline and administrative discipline through the three-level inspection mechanism, the on-duty mechanism; To step up the work of internal inspection, examination and control; To take initiative in detecting, preventing, dealing with, seizing, stopping and strictly dealing with committing acts of violating and harassment of civil servants, and at the same time examining the responsibility of the unit's head for mistakes, To perform the tasks and solutions of the industry in 2018 with the guideline of action: Discipline-Creativity-Development.

Besides that, maintaining the patriotic emulation in the whole industry; Do not stop promoting the initiative, mirror good people good deeds. Praising timely the collectives, individuals have good achievements to create exciting atmosphere to perform the task...

The General Department of Vietnam Customs requests the units to strictly observe the regulations on the fiscal policies and conclusions and petitions of the audit and inspection agencies. This is an important and regular task of every unit, organization, cadre, officer and employee in the whole Customs sector.

The directive is thoroughly understood by all Customs officers; Provincial Customs Departments; Heads of units under the General Department of Customs shall base themselves on their assigned functions and tasks to organize the implementation of the Directive.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy