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General Department of Customs in the "TOP 3" ICT Index of Financial Industry 2018

18:17 | 12/11/2018

VCN- In 8/11/2018, Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics - Ministry of Finance has released the Financial Sector Information Technology Readiness Report 2018 (ICT Index of Financial Sector 2018). This is the 10th time this report has been made.

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Since 2018, Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics has presented to the Ministry of Finance to deploy the annual ICT Index of Finance to rank the readiness of information technology application in the entire industry from the central to local level, which also directly provides and serves annual data to develop ICT Index of Vietnam by the Ministry of Information and Communication, Vietnam Association of Information Technology.

The ICT index of Financial Industry helps the units in the finance sector’s understanding of the reality of the IT application so that there are appropriate measures and policies which can be implemented to improve the efficiency of the Political, socio-economic objectives of the sector, locality and enterprises.

The ICT Index of the financial sector 2018 is more complete compared to the previous years, based on the organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance, including a group of provincial and city level units according to the vertical system, and a group of Finance Departments which are separated to be suitable for assessment and ranking. The targets in the survey in 2018 has removed many inappropriate indicators to simplify the data collection, the index is adjusted to understand more easily, corrects the missing key data based on the information provided by the data provider if it is not in accordance with the requirements of the questionnaire.

2018 is the first year that the Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics applies the method of the United Nations E-Government Report instead of the main component analysis methodology that has been used for the last 9 years.

ICT Index of Financial Sector 2018 was surveyed on 2 blocks with 252 objects including: Central systems with 6 objects; at the provincial and city levels (provincial Department of Finance, Department of Taxation, State Treasury, Customs Department, State Reserve Department) there are 246 objects.

With 27 groups of indicators, ICT Index of Finance sector in 2018 focuses on the following areas: Information technology infrastructure (6 indicators); information technology application (9 indicators); information technology manpower (8 indicators); Investment in information technology (4 indicators)

The results show that in the central level: In 2018, the General Department of Taxation led, with second place to the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs ranked third.

In the Finance Department of the province and city, the Department of Finance Hanoi continues to lead, the second place belongs to the Department of Finance Danang and then the Department of Finance of Vinh Long province.

In the State Treasury of the province and city, the State Treasury of Hau Giang Province rises from No. 3 in 2017 to No. 1, followed by the State Treasury of Bac Lieu Province and the State Treasury of Tien Giang Province.

The provincial tax department of Kon Tum province has made a spectacular move from 30 in 2017 to the top in 2018; Second place belongs to Lai Chau Provincial Tax Department and third place belongs to Dong Nai Tax Department.

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In the ranking of the local Customs Department, the Customs Department of Quang Nam province also emerged from the third position in 2017 to first position. The following positions belong to the Customs Department of Dak Lak province and the Department of Customs. Quang Ninh province.

With regard to the State Reserve Department, the State Reserve Department of Nghia Binh region continues to hold the leading position, leading the State Reserve Department of Hebei Region and the State Reserve Department of the Southwest.

Indicators are evaluated by the Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics on the basis of data collected from reliable sources and from actual data. It can be said that, through the score and rank of ICT Index, it is possible to assess partly the current situation of information technology application in the units of Finance.

By HongVan/ Phuong Thao