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Further expanding e-tax refund in 2018

09:19 | 07/11/2017

VCN - After more than half a year of nationwide deployment, according to the statistics from the General Department of Taxation, there have been 6,800 enterprises registering the e-tax refund service. The Taxation has processed 3,610 electronic VAT refund dossiers with the total amount of 20,282 billion VND.

further expanding e tax refund in 2018 Ha Noi Taxation Department: Implementing e-tax refund for 102 businesses
further expanding e tax refund in 2018 Hanoi organizes e-tax refund training for 500 enterprises
further expanding e tax refund in 2018

Enterprises carry out procedures at the HCMC Tax Department. Photo: Nguyen Hue

Following the Finance Ministry's Decision No. 2790 / QD-BTC on pilot application of receiving dossiers and returning results of tax refund in an electronic manner, the General Department of Taxation has piloted the electronic tax refund service at 13 tax departments from January 9, 2017. On the basis of the pilot results, the General Department of Taxation has reported to the Ministry of Finance to expand the implementation of the electronic tax refund service nationwide from May 1, 2017.

Ms. Le Thi Thuy, Deputy Director of the Department of Taxpayer Services and Propaganda under the General Department of Taxation said that through the reports of local tax agencies as well as the comments of taxpayers, electronic tax refund has facilitated both taxpayers and tax agencies

For tax agencies, the electronic tax refund service has helped tax agencies with databases related to tax refund dossier in a timely. This database will be linked to other electronic data that tax agencies are managing. Therefore, the tax agencies will have enough information to handle tax refund dossiers, the tax refund will be faster, reducing the pressure on tax agencies for the time of tax refund in accordance with the regulation. In addition, the synchronization of the electronic tax return database helps the Taxation have an overview of the assessment process of the tax law compliance of the taxpayers.

For taxpayers, the electronic tax refund has shown advantages in making and sending the application for a tax refund as well as receiving the results. Especially, for applications that need to be explained and provided more information during the process, the taxpayers can explain and provide more information easily and quickly at their office because the tax refund is made via internet. The taxpayers can also cancel the applications and submit a new application if the sent application has not met the full requirements. Besides, the taxpayers also check the process of a tax refund.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the implementation of electronic tax refund also met some difficulties, such as some taxpayers still declare bank account numbers in the application for tax refund different from the bank account numbers that have been registered to the Tax agencies, so their applications are not accepted by the application system of the tax office, or documents enclosed with the application are too many, the taxpayers must sent many times because of the limit of the electronic tax refund application.

Regarding these shortcomings, the Tax agencies must continue to promote the propaganda and guidance to taxpayers as well as further upgrade the information technology application of the Taxation. To achieve the Government's targets set forth in Resolution 19-2017 / NQ-CP on electronic tax refund as well as provide maximum support for taxpayers who use the electronic tax refund service, in the last months of 2017, the Taxation will continue to upgrade IT application, remove problems of the system in receiving the dossiers and returning the results to improve the quality of the service and to respond promptly to taxpayers; guide enterprises, regularly grasp difficulties and obstacles to guide and directly support taxpayers; and continue to coordinate with press agencies and newspapers to enable the propaganda on electronic tax refund.

further expanding e tax refund in 2018 The Taxation has handled 2, 317 e-tax refund dossiers

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Following the success of the implementation of the electronic VAT refund service for the export and investment, the General Department of Taxation has reported to and been approved by the Ministry of Finance on continuing review, evaluating and studying the implementation of the electronic tax refund for the remaining taxes, focusing on personal income tax that has a large amount of taxpayers but the refunded amount is small with the purpose of supporting taxpayers who are individuals. Specifically, in November and December 2017, the Taxation will study measures, process and develop and perfect applications of electronic tax declaration and payment for individuals. In the first quarter of 2018, the electronic tax refund service will be piloted for personal income tax finalization with overpaid taxes, and in 2018, the electronic tax refund will be extended to taxpayers and other tax types.

By Hong Van/ Huyen Trang