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From October 1 China will change regulations on import and export food labelling

09:55 | 29/08/2019

VCN- From October 1, China will apply many changes in regulations on the management and supervision of labelling for imports and exports oft prepackaged foods.    

from october china will change regulations on import and export food labeling Goods no longer stuck by China's new C/O form at Lang Son border
from october china will change regulations on import and export food labeling Goods stuck at Lang Son due to China's new C/O
from october china will change regulations on import and export food labeling China tightens veggie and fruit import requirements for Vietnam
from october china will change regulations on import and export food labeling
To export prepackaged foods to China, exporters must comply with new regulations on packaging labelling.

According to China Customs, from October 1, the Chinese side will not require the registration record for packaging labelling of prepackaged foods imported into China for the first time.

The inspection of imported prepackaged food labels is one of the contents of inspection and testing for food and the Chinese Customs authorities will base on the relevant provisions of law on testing of imported and exported goods, food safety and hygiene to conduct testing.

Importers shall be responsible for ensuring Chinese-language labels on pre-packed packages of food imported into China are consistent with relevant Chinese regulations and requirements on national food safety standards. After being verified, if products do not meet standards, they will not allow to be imported.

In addition, imported prepackaged foods will be sampled at the site or in laboratory testing. Importers need to submit documents that prove the goods meet import conditions, origin documents and translated documents of Chinese labelling and labelling samples and other documents for Customs officials.

Upon receipt of notice from relevant authorities, if there is a consumer complaint that the prepackaged food is suspected of violations, the Customs authority will conduct investigation, verification and handle violations according to regulations.

Pre-packed foods imported into China for exhibitions, sample goods, duty-free business goods (except for tax-free cases as prescribed by the law), food for diplomatic missions, personal effect, post parcel, post, cross-border e-commerce will be based on current regulations.

Exporters of prepackaged foods must ensure the pre-packed labels of exported foods meet standards of the importing country/territory or the requirements of a commercial contract.

In addition, the Chinese Customs also stated that from October 1, the following announcements will be annulled: Announcement No.44/2006 of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ)on adjusting the inspection and evaluation regime of labelling of imported and exported cosmetics and foods; Announcement No. 59/2011 of AQSIQ on the operation of the management system of imported prepackaged food labelling; Announcement No. 27/2012 of AQSIQ on the implementation of the regulations on supervision, control, testing and labelling of imported and exported prepackaged foods. The application for deposit of previous registration will be cancelled at the same time.

By Thanh Nguyen/Ngoc Loan