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Five containers of Chinese goods without label detained

08:56 | 29/04/2019

VCN - An enterprise declared to import five containers of kitchen equipment from China, but on the product did not represent trademarks, and goods that were imported exceed the value as declared.

tin nhap 20190429005008
The shipment of kitchen equipment imported from China was not labeled. Photo: T.H

On 15/4, the Northern Anti-smuggling enforcement Unit – Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department – General Department of Vietnam Customs and  Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch completed the inspection for five imported containers of violated construction equipment.

Those shipments were opened import declaration by K.L Import Export Trading Production Company Limited. According to the declaration, the imported goods included nearly 3,000 pot sinks made from stainless steel (excluding faucet and drain valve) from the Yutao brand originated from China.

Through physical inspection, customs authorities discovered that the actual number of imported goods includes 5,200 double pot sinks which was in excess compared to customs declaration of more than 2,000 units and over 1,000 sets of taps without customs declaration.

Notably, the actual product does not show the brand, it was only written as Mark SUS304 on the packaging. According to a customs official, the import of goods without label violated customs law. Most likely, if the shipment was imported successfully, it would be labeled with high-end labels to deceive consumers. The value of the shipment has not been determined.

Below are some pictures of Chinese shipments without labels:

tin nhap 20190429005008

Thousands of pot sinks imported from China.

tin nhap 20190429005008
Customs authorities were checking details.
tin nhap 20190429005008
Enterprises declared that there were no components attached, but the goods were imported full package
tin nhap 20190429005008
There was no brand was labeled on the products
tin nhap 20190429005008
Mark SUS304 was shown on the packaging
tin nhap 20190429005008
The shipment was closed to seal for handling.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy