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Financial autonomy: Empowerment along with management responsibility and accountability

16:45 | 29/05/2018

VCN- On the afternoon of 25 May 2018, the Ministry of Finance held a press conference to address issues related to the strengthening of financial and budget discipline.

financial autonomy empowerment along with management responsibility and accountability Promoting mechanisms of assigning task and ordering for public non-business units
financial autonomy empowerment along with management responsibility and accountability Responding proposals of constituents: increasing work-trip allowances
financial autonomy empowerment along with management responsibility and accountability Some units in the financial sector still have the mentality of "depending" on State budget
financial autonomy empowerment along with management responsibility and accountability
Mr. Vo Thanh Hung speaks at the press conference.

Investment expenditure decreased by 5.2%

Regarding discipline, many reporters expressed concern about the waste of State budget spending. This is also the content that many members of the National Assembly raised in the sessions of the fifth session of the XIV National Assembly.

In fact, as reported by the Ministry of Finance, the State budget expenditure and the structure of development investment expenditure in 2018 accounted for 26.2%, interest payments accounted for 7.39% and regular expenditure accounted for 61.76%.

As a rule, in the first few months of the year, development investment is often slow (ministries, branches and localities are in the process of allocating and announcing investment capital plans to investors);regular expenditures (payment of wages, social allowances and expenditures for operation of agencies and units) are relatively constant in the year, and the interest payment is in line with the progress of due debts.

As a result of the 4-month performance, the recurrent expenditure was 32.1%, an increase of 5.4% over the same period last year, which is in line with the budget estimates and actual implementation of tasks of budget spending units.

In fact, the structure of recurrent expenditures, expenditures on State management agencies, parties and unions accounted for 14.47%, and the rest was spent on development of health care, education, science and technology, defense and security. These are the priority areas under the Resolution of the Party and the State.

However, the progress of spending on investment development in 4 months of 2018 reached 16.3% of estimate, a decrease of 5.2% over the same period, which needs solutions to overcome in the coming time.

Save VND 51,401 billion

Mr. Vo Thanh Hung, Director of the State Budget Department under the Ministry of Finance said that the National Assembly promulgated the State Budget Law, the State Audit Law and the Law on Inspections and The Law on Thrift Practice and Waste Combat, which clearly stipulated the responsibilities of all branches, levels and units in budget management. Basically, the situation has changed positively.

Under the leadership of the Party, the supervision of the National Assembly, the drastic management of the Government, the Prime Minister and the efforts of all levels and sectors from central to local level, thrift practice and waste combat have achieved positive results.

The Government has submitted to the National Assembly 20 bills, resolutions and comments on 9 other projects. In addition, the Government, the Prime Minister, ministries and central branches issued 1,105 legal documents; local government issued 4,111 legal documents at provincial level.

According to ministries, sectors and localities, in 2017, Vietnam saved VND 51,401 billion (including State savings of VND 47,945 billion, and savings in State-owned enterprises of VND 3,456 billion).

However, according to Mr. Hung, the loss and waste in the budget expenditure are still pressing social issues.

In addition to the lack of awareness on the policy system, laws, standards, norms and regimes, the cause also derives from the responsibilities of heads of agencies and units managing and using State budget expenditures and public assets.

The trend of empowerment of agencies, units and localities in managing the use of State budget and public assets will continue to be implemented, but it will require management responsibility and higher accountability from the heads of agencies, units and localities and individual officials.

It is accompanied by the role of the inspections, examination, audit and supervision agencies of people-elected bodies and the people in the management and use of State property.

financial autonomy empowerment along with management responsibility and accountability Strengthening the mechanism of assigning and ordering tasks with public non-business units

VCN- The Ministry of Finance and other ministries and sectors have advised the Government and the Prime ...

In order to facilitate the supervision, the State Budget Law and its guiding documents supplemented the regulations on responsibilities for publicizing the State budget, from the stage of estimation to the stage of organization and administration of the State budget at all levels.

By Hong Van/ Hoang Anh