September 25, 2018 14:44

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Finance Sector: To grasp thoroughly discipline in duty performance

10:29 | 12/04/2018

VCN – The Party Committee of Ministry of Finance issued Directive No. 11 – CT/BCSĐ on strengthening civil management and responsibilities of heads of the units in duty performance.

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Directive stressed to be resolute in avoiding mistakes. Illustration photo: Đăng Nguyên

Accordingly, by implementing the Resolution from the third meeting of the 8th Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee on strategic cadres in the period of accelerating the industrialization and modernization of the country, Ministry of Finance has grasped thoroughly the guidelines and policies of Party and State on organizing State personnel in each level and unit in the Finance sector. The Ministry of Finance has proposed many solutions in order for renovation and standardization of personnel management, from recruitment, deployment, training, fostering, evaluation, planning, appointment, rotation, transferring work position and personnel. As a result, the quality of civil servants and employees in the finance sector and the sense of responsibility in the performance of public affairs has been improved positively, contributing to the successful implementation of political tasks assigned by the Party and the State to the sector.

However, according to Party Committee of the Ministry of Finance, in some units, the working style and discipline, administrative discipline in the performance of civil service is not serious. The staff management has some limitations such as: remarks on staff evaluation, avoidance, the form of "retreat to avoid a conflict", does not reflect the reality; The work of arranging and using cadres does not work effectively; The rotation has not been done occasionally, hence the outcome is not much change.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the management of cadres and maintain discipline in the performance of their duties, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Finance requests the committees, the heads of units to regularly train political education about viewpoints, guidelines and policies of the Party, the State and the Ministry of Finance on the management of cadres, disciplines and administrative orders in the performance of duties. In that, paying attention to requirements, solutions that are stipulated in the resolutions of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee, directives of the Politburo and directives of the Minister of Finance relating to the work of cadres and duties performance.

Besides that, to speed up the implementation of the Resolution No. 39-NQ/TW of the Politburo, on staffing cuts and restructuring of contingents of cadres, civil servants and officials. And Decision No. 2503 / QD-BTC of the Minister of Finance dated 22/11/2016 approving the Scheme on manning cuts of the Ministry of Finance in the period 2016-2021. To expeditiously review and rearrange the organizational structure of the unit in the spirit of the sixth plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee in order to ensure the reduction of the units, operate effectively and efficiently; reviewing each job position, implementing the structure, adjusting the staffing of the whole system in the units, restructure the labor force in order to concentrate on existing resources and effectively use the current staff of the sector.

The Party Committee of Ministry of Finance also requested the committees, heads of units to step up the rotation of cadres in accordance with the Decision No. 98-QD/TW of the Party Central Committee on rotation of cadres; Resolutions of the Management Board and decisions of the Minister of Finance on staff rotation, transfer and periodical change of working positions for public servants in the units of the Ministry of Finance.

Furthermore, the units shall continue to take initiative in reviewing and rearranging the number of their deputies in the unit in accordance with the regulations; Not assigning or transferring deputies in units under their respective management, which have enough deputies as prescribed, except the cases where the policy on rotating cadres for training and by the policy of reorganizing the structure as prescribed.

Moreover, the Party Committee directive also emphasized that the head of the unit is responsible for leading and directing the overall management of staff at the unit; To strictly implement, publicize and clarify the regulations related to personnel management, especially in the recruitment, planning, transfer, appointment, rotation, evaluation and rank promotion, working abroad, and to be determined not to make mistakes.

By H.Vân/Thanh Thuy