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Finance sector: Over 15 million dossiers have been processed by online

08:09 | 24/11/2017

VCN – According to latest statistics of Ministry of Finance, by the end of October 2017, Ministry of Finance has deployed online public services at level 3 and 4 for 29 administrative procedures that registered to implement in 2017. So that, total administrative procedures at Ministry of Finance which already launched to provide online public service, are 944 procedures, including 264 services at level 1; 349 services at level 2; 85 services at level 3 and 246 services at level 4. 

finance sector over 15 million dossiers have been processed by online
Professional activities at Bac Thanh Long Customs Branch. Photo: Ngọc Linh

Mr. Nguyen Viet Ha, Deputy Director of IT and Statistics Department, Ministry of Finance said that a total number of dossiers processing on the online public service page of the Ministry of Finance Portal was 15,138,246 dossiers. The total number of dossiers processed on time was 15,133,960 dossiers, achieved by 99.97%. The Ministry of Finance is also building e-public services to control state budget spending via online, deployed in five cities under the central government and is finalizing the scheme to promote the collection of administrative fines via online.

Particularly, in the third quarter of 2017, the Ministry of Finance has participated to supplement and complete mechanisms, policies of finance and investment in information technology field. Specifically, the Ministry of Finance issued the Circular No. 324 / TT-BTC regulating the state budget index system, in that supplementing the Article 314 "Information Technology" under type 280 "economic activities" in order to reflect direct expenditures for information technology field.

Besides that, the Ministry of Finance is implementing the law project about amending and supplementing the Enterprise Income Tax law, which stipulates preferential tariff for science and technology in order to implement the High Technology Law, Science and Technology Law; Supplement preferential tariff for projects in information technology field such as software services, digital content production ( which are applied 10% tax rate for 15 years, tax exemption for 4 years and 50% reduction of tax payable for the next 9 years).

Also, in October of 2017, two more administrative procedures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development were connected to the National Single Window (NSW), thus bringing the total number of administrative procedures of ministries and agencies up to 41 procedures. As of 15/10/2017, NSW has officially connected to 11 ministries with the total number of administrative dossiers that are processed on the National Single Window Portal was more than 558.4 thousand dossiers and approximately more than 14.5 thousand enterprises participated.

By H.Vân/Thanh Thuy