April 05, 2020 19:41

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Finance sector continues to strictly control promulgation of administrative procedures

20:03 | 25/02/2020

VCN- To continue to maintain positive results, promote administrative reform, deploy institutionssynchronously and comprehensively, administrative procedure reform and administrative modernization in all financial areas, the Ministry of Finance issued the administrative reform plan for 2020.   

finance sector continues to strictly control promulgation of administrative procedures Finance sector is harvesting many "sweet fruits".
finance sector continues to strictly control promulgation of administrative procedures Customs sector needs to take initiative in revenue collection in 2020
finance sector continues to strictly control promulgation of administrative procedures Drastically carrying out the task of tax collection right from the first days of the year
finance sector continues to strictly control promulgation of administrative procedures
Many administrative procedures of the Finance sector will be abolished in the near future. Photo: T. Trang.

Reduce time for administrative procedures

In 2019, the administrative procedure reform continued to be implemented by the Ministry of Finance and achieved some outstanding results.

A total of 49 administrative procedures were abolished, 23 procedures were supplemented and amended, while 38 new procedures in the tax, customs, securities, public assets, banking and insurance areas were issued to facilitate and remove difficulties for businesses.

The Ministry of Finance also completed inter-connection to send and receive documents with ministries, central agencies and localities; deployed 982 online procedures at the Ministry of Finance(114 services at level 1, 364 services at level 2, 197 services at level 3 and 3,027 services at level 4).

According to the plan, in 2020, the Ministry of Finance will strictly control the promulgation of administrative procedures in developing legal documents in financial areasand continue to implement the control of administrative procedures effectively.

In addition, it will review and propose plans on cutting and simplifying administrative procedures in all areas under its management, and focus on research to reduce time, documents and costs foradministrative procedures related to people and businesses.

According to the World Bank's Doing Business 2020 report released on October 24, 2019, Vietnam's tax and social insurance payment index increased by 22 places, bringing Vietnam from 131st to 109 out of 190 countries assessed; exceeding the Government's target set in Resolution No. 02/NQ-CP of January 1, 2019.

Regarding the reform of the administrative apparatus, the Ministry of Finance will improve the financial apparatus from the central to local level toward the central agency shifting from directing operations into focusing on planning macro policy, inspection, examination and supervision of operations; local agencies gradually reduce intermediaries and strengthen resources at agencies and units directly operating.

Building professional human resources

In administrative procedure reforms, identifying human resources isa key factor.The Ministry of Finance sets a goal of building human resources of financial officers who have good ethical qualities, qualifications, responsibility and professionalism; improving the discipline, rule and awareness, responsibilities of civil servants and staff in performing assigned tasks.

The Ministry of Finance also aims to reform public finance towards mobilizing and using effectively the resources to ensure financial security. Accordingly, it continues to complete legal documents to implement the goal of public finance reform to improve the efficiency of mobilizing national financial resources. Implementing the state budget expenditure structure; reforming State budget management effectively and safely.

To reform administrative procedures effectively, the Ministry of Finance will strengthen information technology application in its management and administration; build and deploy the Steering and Operating Center of the Ministry of Finance and applying document management software. In addition, it will build a cadre management system according to the centralized model; deploy application software ofelectronic one-stop information systems at Single window units ofthe Ministry of Finance.

Tax and customs units continue to promote modernization and reform in State budget collection and remittance. Specifically, continue to provide services of e-tax declaration, e-tax payment, e-invoices, e-tax payment for house leasing, registration fee, and personal income taxfor real estate transfer. At the same time, implementing stable operation and improve the efficiency of the VNACCS/VCIS system; deploying the National Single Window and the ASEAN Single Window.

finance sector continues to strictly control promulgation of administrative procedures Deputy Minister of Finance Vu Thi Mai: Promoting achievements, preparing to deploy the plan for the next period

VCN - 2019 was a year of decisive implementation of the 5-year Financial Plan for the period 2016-2020. ...

For the management of public assets, price, insurance, upgrading the national database of public assets; deploying the project "Building the national database on the pricephase 2"; implementing the implementation phase for the project"Information system for management and supervision insurance business activities"; deploying the application of national reserve management software.

The Ministry of Finance has assigned tasks to each head of the units under the ministry to perform and report the performance results periodically. The annual administrative reform results of units are an important basis for considering and assessing the level of task completion, leadership capacity, administration and responsibility of the heads of units and are one of the criteria for evaluating and commenting on emulation titles and commendation forms for units and individuals.

By Hong Van/Ngoc Loan