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Enterprises invest comprehensively to bring Vietnamese fruits into fastidious markets

20:07 | 16/05/2019

VCN - To meet the strict requirements of fastidious markets, many Vietnamese enterprises have stepped up investment in raw material areas, preliminary processing and processing factories to improve product quality.

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enterprises invest comprehensively to bring vietnamese fruits into fastidious markets
Products from custard apple of Thuan Thien Thanh at a fair in Taiwan

In the middle of last April, the first mango batch of Vietnam was exported officially by Chanh Thu Fruit Import and Export Co., Ltd, opening a potential market for mangoes in particular as well as fruit of Vietnam in general. Soon after the mango plan of Chanh Thu, Vina T&T Company also brought mangoes to America. Since then, every day, mangoes from Vietnam have been exported to the US.Conquer fastidious customers

In the successful introduction of mango fruit to the United States, the previous five types of fruits: litchi, longan, rambutan, dragon fruit, and Vu Sua fruit, besides the market opening role of state agencies, efforts of businesses play an important role. Typically, Vina T&T Company, although this company was only established in 2014, it has so far had seven subsidiaries focusing on fruit export. Specifically, the company has built three preliminary processing plants in Dong Thap, Ben Tre and Tien Giang, along with a large area of ​​planted areas, accounting for more than half of the area of ​​fruit trees in the south. In the growing areas of Vina T&T, there are strict controls on the production process, ensuring the production of fruit products meeting safety standards, ensuring food hygiene and safety according to VietGAP and Global GAP standards. So the company has introduced Vietnamese fruits in many fastidious markets. In particular, the US is the main market. Currently Vina T&T is the leading enterprise in exporting fruits to the US, accounting for 50% of of the exports of the total 15 Vietnamese enterprises exporting to this market.

Similarly, Vina T&T, Chanh Thu Company also made a thorough investment in material areas to meet the standards of fastidious markets. Chanh Thu is managing up to 25 codes of fruit growing areas with an area of ​​about 400 hectares. The company has also been successful in exporting many fruits such as rambutan, longan, dragon fruit, mango and durian into fastidious markets like the US, China and Dubai. The main investment for the material region to get high quality products has helped Chanh Thu maintain high growth even the general situation is not very satisfactory. Specifically, since the beginning of the year, although the Vietnamese fruit industry struggles when the Chinese market suddenly gives strict requirements for quality, the export situation of Chanh Thu develops well. Ngo Tuong Vy, Deputy Director of Chanh Thu Company said that the export turnover of Chanh Thu has increased by 30% so far this year. The reason is that before, the material area of ​​the company has met the standards to export to difficult markets, so the strict requirements of China do not cause any obstacles to Chanh Thu.

enterprises invest comprehensively to bring vietnamese fruits into fastidious markets
Chanh Thu's mangoes are sold in the US.

Thuan Thien Thanh Company not only exports fresh fruits, but also has been success in exporting 1 tonne of soursop fruit and tea of ​​soursop fruit to the Chinese market with a high value of up to $10,000. Previously, the company's products have been well received in many markets such as the US, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Taiwan. This success is thanks to the company having invested 100 hectares of farms along with linkage to cover material area of ​​30 ha according to clean standards. Along with that, Thuan Thien Thanh also built a factory in Dong Thap with a capacity of 3 tons of finished products a day to process products. During processing, Thuan Thien Thanh's products do not use preservatives or chemicals at all, but use the extract of fruits to extend the preservation time. This is the strength that helps Thuan Thien Thanh's products conquer many difficult customers.

Continue to expand investment

According to fruit exporting enterprises, although the price is quite high, Vietnamese fruits are still welcomed by consumers in many countries. Typically, mangoes in the US market have a selling price of up to 10 USD per pound (equivalent to more than 20 USD / kg, or about 500,000 VND / kg). Vy said, at this price, Vietnamese mangoes are five times more expensive than those of many other countries selling in the US. Despite being so expensive, Vietnamese mangoes still attract strong sales in the US. Evidence is that almost every day a shipment of mango exports goes from Vietnam to the United States.

enterprises invest comprehensively to bring vietnamese fruits into fastidious markets
Fruits are preserved in cold storage of Vina T&T Company to prepare for export. Photo: N.H

Vina T&T Company is also building an export fresh coconut processing factory in Ben Tre province with a capacity of 25 million fruits / year. Currently, every week Vina T&T exports 100,000 Ben Tre coconut fruits to H&T Seafood retail system in the US. According to Nguyen Dinh Tung, General Director of Vina T&T, preservation technology is one of the important keys in exporting fresh fruit to markets as far away as the US. Specifically, after processing, the fresh export coconut of Vina T&T will be preserved up to 80 days, left the label preserved 45 - 60 days, 30 days dragon fruit, 30 days mango.

Currently Vina T&T is also real currently traceability with VNPT, code to check products, meeting the requirements for plantation areas, plant quarantine certificates of Plant Protection Department and US Department of Animal and Plant Quarantine (APHIS). At that time, Chanh Thu Company was upgrading its factories to FSSC 22000 standard although these factories now have HACCP and ISO certification.The US market in particular as well as many other difficult markets such as Japan, Korea, and China are evaluated as having great potential by businesses.

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Therefore, the businesses are continuing to promote investment to increase exports to these markets. Specifically, in addition to promoting trade in Dubai, Japan, France, and Taiwan Thuan Thien Thanh Company is building an additional processing factory in Dong Thap province with a capacity of 10 times the factory. Currently, investment costs are up to VND 30 billion. Dang Quy Ngoc, Director of Thuan Thien Thanh Company said that after exporting the first shipment to China, the company is preparing for the next shipment into this market with the quantity of three times the top lot equivalent to 3 tonnes of products, worth 30,000 USD.

By Nguyen Hien/ Bui Diep