October 23, 2018 08:06

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Enterprises are facing difficuties as selling gasoline E5

15:52 | 10/07/2017

VCN- Gasoline E5 business enterprises said that enterprises have to "cut" up to 1,000 vnd per liter for a number of their subsidiaries to sell.

enterprises are facing difficuties as selling gasoline e5
Picture for illustration: The Internet.

Still, needs support

The roadmap for biofuel consumption from January 1, 2018, under the direction of the Prime Minister is a milestone that can not be reversed. Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, affirmed this at the meeting with the focal petroleum businesses on the roadmap for gasoline E5 deployment.

However, many businesses have spoken about difficulties in implementing. Mr. Pham Duc Thang, Deputy General Director of Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation (Petrolimex), said that the consumption of gasoline E5 in the past has not reached their expectation. The main reason is the policy mechanism is not fierce, the production is facing difficulties.

Mr. Thang said: "In order to be able to sell gasoline E5 in full in early 2018, the State should have more incentive mechanisms and policies for enterprises, in which, it is necessary to put the price in the top priority because the enterprise must associate business with efficiency. For consumers, the difference between E5 and other types of gasoline prices needs to be more attractive for consumers to choose. "

Besides, Petrolimex also says that the charge for trading gasoline E5 is still higher than the petrol of 150 VND per liter. Meanwhile, E100 is (ethanol - biofuel blend) only produces 200,000 m3/year.

Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize raw materials, adjust import tax of E100 to domestic non-exclusive enterprises; ensure when the domestic have problems, it will import to business stability.

With the same view, the representative of PV Oil also suggested, we should have mechanisms for import tax and adjustment of investment costs, upgrading the system of mixing and discounting for businesses.

According to a representative of Nam Song Hau Trading Investment Petroleum Joint Stock Company, to sell gasoline E5 to some subsidiaries, the company must cut 1,000 vnd/liter. As for dealers, although businesses sell at the stipulated price, it still cut more than 100-150 vnd per liter. Therefore, it is necessary to have preferential policies for businesses.

Not arguing to refuse

Although it remains difficult, this is a mark that we can not back down. Thus, Mr. Vuong said enterprises must resolve to implement seriously under the roadmap.

According to Mr. Vuong, putting gasoline E5 in production will create opportunities for four biofuel plants to return to production. Furthermore, the production of gasoline E5 uses mainly raw materials as cassava. This will facilitate farmers in the wasteland to get jobs.

Therefore, in order to achieve the Prime Minister's objectives, the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade asked five major petroleum businesses in the country to quickly invest and upgrade their infrastructure in order to have the fully ability of mixing gasoline E5 to meet market demand. In addition, their enterprises should also consider investing in building an E5 blending station or buying from larger focal enterprises.

With state-owned focal enterprises holding control shares, they do not need to wait until January 1, 2018, to switch to a gas station that can be converted from now.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade also asked the departments under the Ministry to have a plan to produce and trade gasoline E5 more effective, especially the recommendations on the mechanism of taxes and fees for gasoline E5 welcomed by consumers.

By Phan Thu/Kiều Oanh