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​Enterprises appreciate the IT application of the Customs sector

14:05 | 22/07/2018

VCN - IT applications of the Customs sector have benefited by reducing Customs clearance time and facilitating import and export activities for enterprises.

enterprises appreciate the it application of the customs sector Customs IT application in industrial revolution 4.0
enterprises appreciate the it application of the customs sector Customs strives to increase to 168 procedures for online public services
enterprises appreciate the it application of the customs sector IT application to Customs control
enterprises appreciate the it application of the customs sector
The supervision system of the General Department of Customs. Photo: T.A

IT creates a renovation on reform of the Customs sector

At the recent conference, ‘on measures to enhance the Customs – Business partnership in 2018’, organized by Hai Phong Customs Department, Mr. Dao Huu Huyen, Director General of Duc Giang Chemicals and Detergent Powder JSC, commented that the IT application of the Customs sector has brought many benefits to the business community in the import and export process.

“Earlier, I have always directly carried out the Customs procedures and found that compared to the paper Customs declaration in the past, the electronic Customs is a revolution of the Customs sector, has brought many benefits to the business community,” said Mr. Huyen

At the Seminar, ‘Customs – Business: Connecting, Sharing and Accompanying’, held by the General Department of Customs at the end of June 2018, representatives from business associations highly appreciated the Customs IT application and reform.

The representative from the Vietnam Logistics Business Association said that the implementation of e-customs procedures is a prominent point in the Customs modernization. In particular, thanks to the VNACCS / VCIS Automated Clearance Systems, approximately 65% of Green Channel declarations (equivalent to millions of declarations per year) are cleared within a few seconds. In addition, the Association also applauds the application of IT related to the implementation of the National Single Window.

Mr. Dao Huy Giam, General Secretary of Vietnam Private Sector Forum said that facing a huge volume of work, especially the number of declarations with about 10 million sets and hundreds of millions of tons of import and export goods per year, the Customs sector has made a lot of efforts to reform, modernize and facilitate the business community and meet management requirements. As a former Vietnamese trade counselor to many countries and a former member of Vietnam's WTO accession delegation, Mr. Dao Huy Giam said that thanks to the IT application, Customs management is increasingly modern.

"We had participated in many survey delegations of the National Assembly, the Government, the Vietnam Fatherland Front ... for the Tax and Customs sectors. The survey delegations assessed that the Customs sector is a pioneer in the reform and modernization. Especially the implementation of electronic Customs procedures with the rate of up to 99.6% of Customs declaration per year. If the Customs did not implement the electronization, the doubling of the current number of cadres and civil servants would not handle the work volume," said Nguyen Van Than, President of the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprise.

Noticeably, Mr. Than said that the IT application also helped Customs streamline the human resource, contributed to quickly detecting smuggling cases and tax evasion. He proposed that the Customs sector should continue to maintain and promote the efficiency of IT application in order to further facilitate the business community.

Strive to implement electronic administration

Le Duc Thanh, Deputy Director of Customs IT and Statistics Department said that with the implementation of the VNACCS / VCIS, National Single Window automated system for Customs management, the highlight in the IT application from the beginning of 2018 to this date was further focusing on upgrading IT systems to meet the requirements and procedures set in Circular No. 39/2018 / TT-BTC and Decree No. 59/2018 / ND-CP.

Particularly, from 5th June, 2018, the sector has officially launched the Ecustoms5 system and export processing and production system

"Customs IT and Statistics Department has also taken the initiative in expanding the automated system for Customs management at ports, warehouses and yards such as: Advising the leaders of the General Department of Customs to promulgate the plan on expanding the System nationwide; continuing to support the operation of the System at the pilot units, including Hai Phong Customs Department, Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Customs Department and Hanoi Customs," Mr. Mr. Thanh added.

In addition, the Customs IT and Statistics Department continues to manage and operate the centralized IT systems in a regular, constant, stable, and smooth fashion, with 24/7 security and safety basis. Warnings and incidents occurring during operation are monitored and handled in a timely manner. At the same time, drastically implementing online public services for 170 of 180 procedures at level 3 or more, accounting for more than 94.4% of the whole sector’s administrative procedures, of which, 161 procedures are provided at level 4.

According to Mr. Thanh, the IT application and deployment of online public services have contributed to improving the efficiency of state management on Customs, and at the same time facilitated enterprises in import and export activities and publicizing Customs operations.

According to the General Department of Customs, from now until the end of 2018, the sector will continue to build IT systems with consistency for the Customs procedures to comply with Circular 39/2018/ TT-BTC; and assist the Customs professional units and local Customs departments to effectively use and exploit the information system to support the decision making for phase I.

At the same time, perfecting the system and ensuring the IT infrastructure in the purpose of expanding the automated system for Customs management at sea ports and airports nationwide.

enterprises appreciate the it application of the customs sector Apparatus streamlining due to IT application

VCN - The reform and re-structuring in public agencies and units towards streamlining, efficiency and effectiveness are ...

The General Department of Customs will continue to promote propaganda to people and businesses, especially focusing on disseminating the benefits of online public services and encouraging the use of electronic method to replace the manual method for administrative process; maintain, support the operation and provide online public services 24/7 in a timely fashion.

By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang