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Enterprises accompany Customs to operate VASSCM smoothly

07:00 | 05/02/2019

VCN- A prominent mark in the modernization of customs has been the official implementation of Vietnam Automated System for Seaport Customs Management (VASSCM) nationwide.

enterprises accompany customs to operate vasscm smoothly 309 enterprises connected to Customs Management System
enterprises accompany customs to operate vasscm smoothly Aggressively deploying the customs management system
enterprises accompany customs to operate vasscm smoothly Ha Noi Customs: VASSCM has been applied at checkpoints, warehouses and yards
enterprises accompany customs to operate vasscm smoothly
Leaders of Hai Phong Customs Department and Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company directly inspected and guided the coordination between the two units during the implementation of VASSCM at Tan Vu Port (Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company). Photo: T. Binh

This is an important solution in facilitating both import-export enterprises, enterprises trading in warehouse, yard, port, shipping companies, and at the same time contributing to improving the efficiency of state management on customs. In order to successfully implement the System, in addition to the role of the Customs agency, it is necessary to mention the efforts and companions of the business community, especially the ones trading in warehouse, yard, port and shipping companies.

Innovation with VASSCM

On the days near the Lunar New Year 2019, we had the opportunity to return to Tan Vu Port (belonging to Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company) - the first seaport in the country that has deployed VASSCM (piloted from August 15, 2017 and officially implemented from December 11, 2017). Following the company’s ‘VASSCM victory’ in 2018, import and export activities at Tan Vu Port in the first days of the New Year 2019 are taking place very busily, to serve the import-export enterprises’ first orders.

Bringing the reporter directly to the gate area of Tan Vu Port, Mr. Vu Ngoc Lam - Head of the IT Center (Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company) said: Each day, there were about 2,000 containers of imported and exported goods through the monitoring area in Tan Vu port, but the procedures for import-export enterprises took place conveniently, without congestion or affecting the operation of enterprises, even during peak hours.

"An important solution to facilitate the circulation of goods is because the Company has cooperated with Hai Phong Customs Department to operate VASSCM effectively" – said Mr. Vu Ngoc Lam.

The head of the IT Center (Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company) shared: Recognizing the importance of deploying VASSCM in modernizing management, facilitating import and export activities, Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company established the IT Center, the Center for production management at Tan Vu Port to cooperate and accompany the Customs authorities in operating VASSCM.

"Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company and Hai Phong Customs Department provide specific cooperation contents to facilitate import-export enterprises, especially dealing with problems arising in the process of operating the System" – shared the Head of the IT Center.

On the side of the Company, they invested in the IT system for the management, administration and improvement of the procedures to agree with the supervision process of the Customs. Up to now, in addition to Tan Vu Port, Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company has connected with the Customs office to inspect and supervise goods through the port storage area at Chua Ve and Hoang Dieu Ports.

Regarding the benefits of VASSCM, Deputy General Director of Hai Phong Port Joint Stock Company – Mr. Nguyen Tuong Anh evaluated, the system helped port trading businesses to implement the "2 in 1" process according to the "one-door" regime for the process of both customs and port agencies. Therefore, the settlement of procedures for taking goods for import-export enterprises was done quickly. At the same time, it created favorable conditions for port trading businesses to provide information and coordinate with customs authorities in monitoring and inspecting goods in and out, or stored in ports, warehouses and yards. Thus, customs declarants do not need to move back and forth between the Customs and port trading enterprises to carry out the procedures for collecting goods as before...

"Spreading" VASSCM in the largest area in the whole country

Talking about the highlights of implementing the duties of Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department in 2018, Director Dinh Ngoc Thang excitedly said, as soon as there was the decision of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs on the implementation of VASSCM at the end of December 2017, only a few days after, the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh City had focused on human resources to implement according to the plan. So far, the unit completed VASSCM implementation at 13/13 ports; 2/2 centralized inspection and supervision locations; 6/6 ICD, reaching 100% of the plan. Along with that, the unit also completed the implementation of VASSCM at the bonded warehouse group, with 17/17 CFS warehouses, reaching the rate of 100%. The successful deployment of VASSCM in the system of seaports, warehouses with the largest import and export volume in the whole country has the responsibility and high determination of port trading enterprises.

SP-ITC was the first container port to pilot VASSCM on the first day of the new year 2018. Mr. Truong Nguyen Linh, Deputy Director of SP-ITC Port expressed his pleasure because the port had been selected to pilot a very important and modern management program. This was one of the pressures on the port, because both the Customs and port companies have just started implementing without any previous experience. However, with the careful preparation of both people and equipment and software, along with the active support of the Customs, the implementation of VASSCM at SP-ITC Port was successful, creating the premise for expanding the system at other ports.

According to our records, since the application of this automatic management program, import and export goods of enterprises are handled automatically on the customs system. And soon after, the customs inspection system will transmit the shipment processing results to the SP-ITC Port system so that the port can release goods to customers. After 1 year of implementation, the program helped to quickly process goods declarations for customers. At SP-ITC Port, customers can register online to process declarations, which minimizes time, personnel, and costs. Port trading enterprises actively contact the Customs agencies to handle arising problems and respond to customers. This program helped port trading enterprises to manage and monitor container process more closely.

As a unit with the largest seaport system in the country that has successfully implemented VASSCM, Saigon Newport Corporation has made great efforts in preparing software systems, human resources and coordination with Customs agencies to successfully implement VASSCM at 13 facilities of the port system and ICD under Saigon Newport Corporation. In particular, the successful deployment of VASSCM at Tan Cang Cat Lai port - where the flow of goods accounts for 50% of the whole country - has great significance, deciding the overall success of the entire system. Thereby, it minimizes legal risks for ports, shortens clearance time and delivering goods, reduces traffic congestion at ports, reduces logistics costs for enterprises, makes an important contribution in implementing administrative reform and modernization plans.

According to Mr. Ngo Minh Thuan, General Director of Sai Gon New Port Corporation, the results of implementation at the ports under the system of Saigon New Port Corporation, especially Cat Lai port, have met requirements of the connection between Customs and port trading companies, as well as the goods clearance of enterprises. Saigon New Port Corporation is always ready to share information related to goods, import and export facilities... with Customs agencies to implement the management and modernization programs of the industry, facilitating the import and export operation.

Remember that before deploying VASSCM, Director General of the General Department of Customs Nguyen Van Can chaired the meeting with enterprises trading warehouses, yards and ports in Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria-Vung Tau. With the sharing and guidance of the Head in the Customs sector, the representatives of these units have expressed their determination to implement the program together with the Customs office to facilitate the import and export activities...

From 11/2018, SP-ITC Port has implemented E-Billing payment system via In the trend of electronicization, automation, payment through E-Biiling will help customers save costs, time for procedures, reduce congestion, and increase productivity in ports.

By Nguyen Quoc – Le Thu/ Ha Thanh