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Enhancing cooperation while protecting the environment

08:14 | 11/10/2019

VCN- Global trade now imposes new challenges. According to Mr. Ernesto Bianchi, the head of the Investigation Department at the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), besides cooperation to solve challenges, environmental protection is a particular concern of countriesin Asia and Europe.  

enhancing cooperation while protecting the environment 13th Meeting of ASEM Customs Directors-General and Commissioners
enhancing cooperation while protecting the environment ASEM 13 confirms cooperation and compliance with international commitments in Customs
enhancing cooperation while protecting the environment 53 customs delegations of countries attending ASEM 13 in Quang Ninh
enhancing cooperation while protecting the environment
Mr. Ernesto Bianchi, the head of Investigation Department the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) at the Meeting. Photo: H. Nu

Mr. Ernesto Bianchisaid that it is very important to continue to cooperate with Viet Nam Customs. It is so important to work together. We are concerned with environment matters when illicit trade across borders takes place very easily, particularly dangerous goods and dangerous substances.

He said that in order for Vietnam goods to continue to approach the European market, it is needed toseparate licit trade from illicit trade, into and out of Vietnam. This is a problem that European countries are facing. We need to facilitate licit trade and to make sure that we do not open the door tofraud. The way to do that is knowledge. We need to exchange knowledge and information to each other. Neighboring countries in Asia and neighboring countries in Europe and the whole system have that data and that knowledge. We need to create a system to share knowledge on illicit fraud and illegal trade.

We must control dangerous substances arising from production or banned substances used in production of toys. These substances harm human health and need to be controlled strictly.

The representative of OLAF said that the cooperation between the OLAF and Vietnam Customs is based on trust. We need to increase trust not only for public agencies but also for consumers for long-term cooperation. This is also the target of all agreements signed between OLAF and Viet Nam to facilitate trade.

One of the matters he mentioned at the meeting is the Green Customs Initiative. Plastic waste is a problem of the two regions. European countries are big manufacturers of plastic waste and are discharging a big volume of waste to Asia and Vietnam, Thus, we need to work with Vietnam Customs to prevent this waste.

On this occasion of joining the 13th meeting in Vietnam, Ernesto Bianchi expected that public authorities and businesses in Vietnam need to work together to deal successfully with origin fraud and IPR protection.

The problem is that illegal traders abuse transshipment facilities for illegal trade. Some products originated from Vietnam but are not Vietnamese goods because origin was falsely declared. They look like Vietnamese goods and are imported to Europe. It is a fraud and the consumers buy fake goods. The problem needs to be solved to protect businesses and citizens.

Huyen Trang