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12:35 | 27/06/2018

VCN- The transition from paper invoicing to electronic invoicing is an indispensable requirement of a modern and transparent trading system.

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The benefits of electronic invoicing are undeniable.

Save much when using electronic invoicing instead of paper invoicing

The Government's Decree No. 51/2010 / ND-CP has mentioned the application of electronic invoices and piloted the use of electronic invoices certified by the tax authorities. So far, after nearly 8 years of implementation, electronic invoices have shown more benefits than paper invoices.

According to MSc. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration, the use of electronic invoices helps businesses reduce up to 70% of the process steps of issuance; 90% of disputes related to invoices; 99% of payment time and save up to 80% of bill costs.

"When using electronic invoices, businesses do not have to wait to receive the bill in the traditional way. With just a few of clicks, shoppers will receive a bill wherever they are if they have internet access. Businesses also do not need to worry about the loss of bill while waiting for delivery,"said Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang.

Commenting on the utility of electronic invoices, Mr. Le Thanh Dung, the Deputy Director of Vacom accounting software company, said that using electronic invoices helps businesses reduce costs in comparison to using paper invoices, such as the cost of printing paper, printing ink, the cost of transferring invoices to customers, and especially the cost reduction of archiving invoices. At the same time, it reduces the time of searching for bills, enhances security, and helps to store and manage invoices permanently without risk of loss.

According to many businesses using electronic invoices helps businesses reduce the cost of compliance with tax administration. When enterprises use electronic invoices, their tax administrative procedures are also carried out electronically. Accordingly, enterprises only need to notify via the network to request sending electronic invoicesto the tax office, and they can be used immediately after the notice is accepted. In addition, enterprises do not have to register the electronic invoice form, do not have to send reports on the use of invoices to the tax office because the electronic invoicing software allows self-determination of electronic invoices.

Source of tax database

For many years, the Taxation Department has been continuously modernizing taxation, with priority given to the application of information technology in management. Electronic invoices will gradually replace the position of paper invoices in purchase transactions, so the management of tax offices is implemented in the direction of modernization on the basis of application of technology instead of manual methods such as using paper invoices.

The use of electronic invoices also helps tax agenciestimely stop the invoices of escaping businesses, overcomes the situation of counterfeiting invoices, creates a healthy business environment for businesses, and promotes e-commerce development. At the same time, the use of electronic invoices contributes to overcoming fraudulent use of invoices.

Especially, when all enterprises deploy electronic invoices, the Tax sector will have a database of invoices which can serve the inspection, examination, tax refund and analysis of business and personal businesses more accurately.


The benefits of electronic invoicing are undeniable. However, the application still has many difficulties and obstacles.

First of all, the bill in the awareness of the majority of people in Vietnam is still a paper invoice, so electronic invoices are not well known and used, and businesses find it difficult explaining to customers how electronic invoices are more preferable and the legality of them.

In fact, the application of electronic invoices needs a good technical infrastructure, but not all enterprises are ready to meet the requirements of technical information technology and telecommunications. There are not many e-invoice service providers with sufficient scale and capacity to provide services on a large scale, from large cities to districts and communes.

"Small and medium enterprises are often slow to approach technology and afraid of change. Despite the advantages of electronic invoices, many businesses have not used much. Nowadays people's cash habits are also a constraint, leading to a "slow" application of electronic invoices on a large scale", MSc. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang said.

The representative of a business also shared that to be eligible to use electronic invoices, one of the conditions that businesses must have is the system of machinery and equipment to ensure the operation of these invoices smoothly. That is not to mention the dependence on machines in the event of a power failure or system failure, or loss of internet signals, businesses will have problems with these invoices. Thus, delays in exporting goods which affect the business are very likely to occur.

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Although there are many benefits in using electronic invoicing, the disadvantages that businesses mention are also something that the authorities need to consider to have appropriate solutions that effectively help the use of e-invoices to become the best solution for enterprises’business operations in the modernization period.

By Thuy Linh/ Hoang Anh