December 18, 2018 01:57

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Electronic tax payment 24/7: The businesses really see the effectiveness

21:38 | 18/02/2018

VCN- No longer having to go to the bank to make money transfer orders, no longer having to wait for the bank to carry out tax transactions, no longer having to prepare cash to pay taxes directly to the Customs when a shipment has to carry out procedures during holidays, Tet holidays...

electronic tax payment 247 the businesses really see the effectiveness
Deputy General Director Nguyen Duong Thai and Deputy General Director of Vietcombank Nguyen Danh Luong signed the agreement on tax collection 24/7. Photo: T.Trang.

Many accounting staff of some import-export enterprises breathed a sigh of relief when registering to connect to pay tax 24/7 on the electronic payment portal of the General Department of Customs... Really convenient and effective is a general comment from enterprises when participating in this new form of tax payment.

Tien Hung Co., Ltd and Tien Phuc Co., Ltd, specialize in manufacturing wood furniture in Binh Duong. Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuong - Chief Accountant for the two companies, commented by saying that the Lunar New Year 2018 will be easier than than in previous years. Although according to the Company's calendar, some shipments have to be entered on New Year's day, but thanks to the electronic tax payment 24/7, he no longer worries about the tax payment process when the banks are off during the Tet holiday. “Just need to register in advance with the Customs for when the company carries out the procedures for importing goods and implement the task of transferring the tax payment order on the electronic payment portal to the General Department of Customs. We can clear the shipment on Tet holiday, it is convenient” Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuong commented excitedly.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue, an accountant at Fotai Vietnam Ltd in Binh Duong who must also regulary carry out the customs procedures outside of working hours and during holidays said that, her accounting work had been made more convenient after the company registered for the electronic tax payment 24/7. Previously, tax payment for each shipment took her nearly 1 day to complete, because she had to go to the bank, wait for her turn, compare documents, and fill the deposit amount in documents, now she just sits at the company and it only takes 30 minutes for all the above steps. According to a comment from Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue, the contribution of electronic tax payment 24/7 helped the company save more time and costs. Moreover, when participating in the electronic tax payment 24/7, the company could monitor and control the progress of tax payments and could record the amount of paid money.

With the same comment, Ms. Vu Thi Mai, an accountant of Yan Construction Company (a Chinese Company) in Bac Ninh shared: "When the bank introduced the utility of electronic tax payment on 24/7, the company leaders registered immediately to participate in this new form of tax payment, and indeed it helped our company take the initiative in all our activities”.

According to the representative of Yan Construction Company, the registration of tax payment participation procedures was relatively simple, but the benefits of paying taxes 24/7 supported the operation of the Company a lot. It reduced the time it takes to pay taxes when clearing the goods, reducing costs, reducing human resources, and above all, offers speed and convenience of, anywhere at any time, and no longer depends on the working time of the bank as before.

As can be seen from some of the comments, they affirm the Proposal on tax payment and clearance 24/7, in which the General Department of Customs made every effort to achieve in 2017, was for the right purpose and efficient.

This is a breakthrough in tax collection, facilitating and assisting taxpayers to pay money at anytime, anywhere, by any means, to minimize payments in cash; To ensure that tax payment information is discharged promptly and accurately; To reduce the tax payment time, and at the same time, goods are cleared right after paying tax, thus shortening the time for completion of the customs procedures for the export and import goods.

To deploy the electronic tax payment 24/7, the General Department of Customs has upgraded the e-customs payment portal to permit taxpayers to access directly the tax payment forms on the E-Payment Portal at all times, all places, and all means via the Internet. The confirmation of a successful tax payment transaction is given right after receiving the remittance request for tax payment and the goods are cleared immediately. With the internet banking system the payment of export-import tax is no longer limited to the working times of the commercial banks.

Not only that, the form of tax payment 24/7 also fully ensures the taxpayer’s payment, the information is not revealed in the exchange process on the system. And another support that the electronic tax payment 24/7 gives the enterprises is to track and control the progress of tax payment and the ability to record the amount of paid money.

Not only the export-import enterprises realize the benefits of this new tax payment form, but also the commercial banks also highly appreciate the method of electronic tax payment 24/7. According to bank representatives, the form of electronic tax payment 24/7 is a step to accelerate the reform of administrative procedures of the Customs, thereby, the banks have a new product to give maximum support for their customers.

Sharing with the reporter of Customs News, Deputy General Director of Mizuho Bank, LTD, Ho Chi Minh City branch - Mr. Nguyen Phi Hung said: “Most of our customers are Japanese companies. They are aware of this General Department of Customs project and are very interested in this new form of tax payment. They have also repeatedly asked our bank when they can participate in the electronic tax plan 24/7.” The Mizuho bank has participated in the electronic tax program 24/7 due to the prompting of their clients and they have found that the new tax payment program brought benefits for the enterprises and the banks.

Not only calling for the administrative reform generally, but also the reforms to bring the practical effects for the enterprises are the orientation of the Customs, and the Tax Payment and Clearance 24/7 Proposal has proven that.

The Tax and Clearance 24/7 Proposal has been implemented officially by the General Department of Customs since October 23rd, 2017 and was applied on a pilot with 5 banks Vietcombank, VietinBank, BIDV, MBBank and Techcombank. To expand the deployment of electronic tax payment 24/7, the General Department of Customs has continued to sign the cooperation agreements with 7 banks: Sacombank, Mizuho Bank LTD, SCB, VPBank, HDBank, LienvietpostBank, TPBank. Up to now, the number of banks participating in paying tax 24/7 has been 12 banks.

The first time, after one implementation month of electronic tax payment, there were over 1,000 successful transactions and over 100 billion dong of tax paid through the General Department of Customs's electronic payment portal. By January 15th, 2018, this amount was up to 595 billion VND with 4,326 successful transactions.

By Thu Trang / Binh Minh