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Electronic tax filing 24/7: What does the collecting bank say?

08:20 | 28/09/2017

VCN- With the General Department of Customs opening a new tax channel "Paying Electronic Taxes 24/7" on the Customs Electronic Payment Gateway, according to the banks performing the tax collection, this is a step of speeding up the administrative reform of the customs office, thereby also help banks have a new product to support maximum for the customer.  

electronic tax filing 247 what does the collecting bank say
The program will become a useful and convenient tax remittance tool, bringing many benefits to the domestic and foreign business community. Source: Internet.

Starting from November 2017, the General Department of Customs will open a new electronic tax payment channel 24/7, businesses will pay directly at the electronic payment gateway (24/7). Customs offices will directly assist companies in making vouchers to pay money for the original data, to minimize errors in money transfer procedures. In addition to better support for taxpayers, taxpayers can pay taxes at any time, anywhere, by any means, and 24/7 electronic taxpayer participation helps banks to develop and improve payment services for customers, attracting more potential customer, limiting errors information to be checked by the payment documents.

According to the leaders of the Department of Export-Import Tax, the General Department of Customs, to implement this program, the coordination of banks is an important factor that determines the success of the program. Therefore, the General Department of Customs held many meetings with commercial banks to implement this program. Most of the opinion of commercial banks is that the General Department of Customs opened a new tax channel "Paying electronic tax 24/7" on the E-customs payment gateway shows that the customs office is very active in introducing forms of activities to facilitate the import-export activities of enterprises. This also helps banks coordinate with the General Department of Customs to provide more convenient services to their customers.

Exchanging with the Customs Newspaper correspondent, Mrs. Dang Mai Khanh, Deputy Head of Financial Institutions Department of BIDV Bank Head Office, said that BIDV is one of the first two banks to connect online with the General Department of Customs to deploy the electronic import and export guarantee services. Throughout the implementation period from 2010 to now, the bank's customers highly appreciate this connection, has helped enterprises pay tax conveniently, significantly shorten the clearance time of goods. Along with the quality of service delivery, import and export tax guarantee service has helped BIDV to affirm its prestige and trademark, is known by many businesses, expanding to more FDI and import-export enterprises.

With the 24/7 electronic tax plan that the General Department of Customs will officially deploy from November 2017, BIDV is also one of five banks registered to participate in the implementation from the first days. As BIDV found that 24/7 electronic tax payment was a breakthrough in the reform of customs procedures, which brought clear benefits to BIDV's clients, to overcome the limitations of processing time, help businesses clear goods faster.

Mrs. Dang Mai Khanh added that the objective of the 24/7 electronic tax payment project is to benefit the business, which also means bringing benefits to the bank. Therefore, BIDV strongly supports the General Department of Customs in implementing this project.

Also one of the first five banks selected by the General Department of Customs to carry out electronic tax payment 24/7, according to Dong Thi Quynh Le, Director of VietinBank Payment Center, 24/7 is an application program developed by the General Department of Customs, Commercial Bank. The program offers many benefits for businesses to pay taxes anytime, anywhere. As a result, the transaction costs will be minimized while also bringing about economic and social benefits. To ensure the direction of administrative reform, accelerate non-cash payment by the Government.

Mrs. Dong Thi Quynh Le affirmed that there are many benefits for businesses when paying tax 24/7, so participating in the 24/7 electronic tax and customs clearance scheme is an important task in VietinBank's strategy on payment activities. VietinBank is committed to providing many conveniences for businesses in public service obligations, contributing to the reform of administrative procedures, and the promotion of non-cash payments by the Government. After implementing synchronously, VietinBank will accompany the customs office to promote the communication to the business community and customers. From then on spread and bring this service to all customers.

According to a representative of Techcombank, Mrs. Nguyen Huong Giang, Head of Banking Division, a project of the General Department of Customs has made breakthrough solutions to create a maximum advantage for import-export enterprises. In paying taxes as well as supporting the quickest and simplest customs clearance of goods. This is in line with the Bank's long-term strategic objective to provide optimal service to our customers.

Techcombank believes that when the project officially implemented, will receive the response of many customers, especially importers and exporters, because of the practical benefits of the service. And this program will become a useful and convenient tool for taxpayers and customs officers to bring benefits to the domestic and foreign business community in Vietnam.

It is known that implementing electronic tax 24/7, the condition for participating banks is to supplement and upgrade the information exchange software received from the General Department of Customs transfer payment orders of taxpayers (checking and certifying digital signature of taxpayers, the digital signature of the customs office, balance on taxpayer's account).

At the same time, the commercial banks collectively will sign with the taxpayer the unconditional and irrevocable authorization to commercial banks to deduct money from the payment account of taxpayers at the commercial bank branch to carry out tax transactions and clearance 24/7. Transfer the list and contents of the taxpayers' written, unconditional and irrevocable authorization to the General Department of Customs.

According to the response of banks to implement electronic tax payment 24/7, banks have had to make a series of changes and upgrading operational software as well as communication channels to receive messages from the General Department Customs transfer the payment order of the taxpayer. Throughout this process, banks have always received the highest level of support from the specialized departments of the Department of Taxation, Customs and Information Technology and Statistics. Especially the information needed to clarify the process, business and technical connection is always answered quickly and satisfactorily.

By Thu Trang/ Huu Tuc