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Early Spring, meeting the Customs Directors

14:25 | 25/01/2020

VCN- In 2019, in the implementation of organisation arrangement and building forces, the General Department of Customs appointed and transferred the leading positions of many attached units. At the beginning of 2020, some leaders of the units shared their thoughts, feelings and plans in their new positions.

early spring meeting the customs directors Enhancing cooperation while protecting the environment
early spring meeting the customs directors 13th Meeting of ASEM Customs Directors-General and Commissioners
early spring meeting the customs directors ASEM 13 confirms cooperation and compliance with international commitments in Customs
early spring meeting the customs directors

Head of Anti-smuggling Investigation Department Nguyen Hung Anh confirms and enhances the role of Customs forces in combating smuggling

I understand being entrusted by the leaders of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs to assume the position of Director of the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department is a great honour for me but it is a very heavy responsibility (Nguyen Hung Anh - Deputy Director is holding the position of Director of Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department, General Department of Customs from October 1, 2019-PV). Especially, the trend of integration, globalisation, smuggling, trade frauds and illegal transportation of goods across borders are very complicated.

Regarding goals and key tasks, for the work of advising and directing, I and the Communist Party Committee, the leaders of the department will continue to promote the core role to advise, for leaders of the General Department of Customs, the Ministry of Finance and the 389 National Steering Committee in completing mechanisms and policies; direct and manage the fight against smuggling, trade fraud and illegal cross-border transportation of goods, building a professional and modern Customs control force to meet customs management requirements in the new situation.

They will continue to lead and direct the whole department to maintain the leading role on the front against smuggling. Thoroughly grasping officials and employees of the unit, always upholding the sense of responsibility, focusing on patrols in the area; coordinate closely with the control forces of local customs offices as well as other forces in the struggle with acts of violating customs legislation.

early spring meeting the customs directors

Director of Cao Bang Customs Department, Hoang Khanh Hoa: Continue advising to complete the State management of customs operations

Assigned by my superiors, I was assigned to hold the position of Director of Cao Bang Customs Department from June 15, 2019 into performing the assigned tasks.

In the new position, I continue leading and directing the entire unit to maintain stability and perform the political tasks assigned with the effort to comprehensively accomplish the results of the tasks.

Therefore, despite the change of leadership, by the end of 2019, Cao Bang Customs Department continued to successfully complete the assigned tasks. Notably, it exceeded the budget revenue estimate target.

Notably, in 2019, Cao Bang Customs Department hosted the Conference "Two countries four sides" for the first time between Cao Bang Customs, Lang Son Customs, Quang Ninh Customs (Vietnam) with Nanning Customs (China).

Regarding goals and working programs in the future, apart from continuing to perform well the regular political tasks under the direction of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs, I will work with the Party Committee and the Customs Department leaders. Cao Bang continues to advise Cao Bang's leaders to carry out State management of customs, import and export activities, especially the business of temporary import for re-export in the province which is increasingly organised, closely linked to effective anti-smuggling.

early spring meeting the customs directors

Director of Dien Bien Customs Department Tran Vu Hoang: Contributing to protecting security, order and import-export in border areas

In my new position, with the assigned responsibility, I and the leaders of the Department will continue to direct and operate the Dien Bien Customs Department to effectively implement the task of modernisation and reform, creating favourable conditions for enterprises in import and export activities but still ensuring State management of customs.

At the same time, we will synchronously and drastically deploy solutions of revenue collection, strengthening tax administration, recovering tax debts; intensify internal inspection, examination and supervision to detect signs of violations, prevent, correct and strictly handle violations.

The outstanding result was that in 2019, the unit coordinated with the police and border forces to break many specialised cases and seize a large amount of drugs. Among 35 cases / 48 subjects trading in and illegally transporting narcotics, there were cases coordinating arrest of 50 kg of synthetic drugs (September 2019); coordinating case of arrest of 10 heroin bricks (July 2019); the seizure of nearly 30,000 synthetic drug pills.

I will continue with the units to implement good discipline and administrative discipline in public service performance; promote the application of information technology in all fields; ensure State budget revenues and create favourable conditions for import-export enterprises in the area.

early spring meeting the customs directors

Nghe An Customs Department Director Chu Quang Hai: Continue to inherit and promote the tradition of the unit

With more than 60 years of construction and growth, Nghe An Customs Department has recorded many achievements, the results achieved by efforts of all officials and employees of Nghe An Customs over the years.

As the director of a unit with more than 60 years of establishment and development, I will work with the department's leadership to actively implement programmes and reform plans for customs modernisation in 2020. At the same time, I will review and evaluate the results of the implementation of the targets to strive for completion in 2020.

Nghe An Customs Department will aim at the goal by 2025 to achieve the target of digital customs and intelligent customs, providing the best public services for people and businesses. Accordingly, Nghe An Customs Department will focus on analysing data on revenue sources and revenue streams to have a plan to approach large and solid revenue sources, and at the same time, strengthen measures to combat losses of tax collection, manage budget revenues well, assign targets to units and urge effective implementation. We will strengthen the fight against smuggling and trade fraud, especially paying attention to management of processing and export production types to assess risks for enterprises in this field.

early spring meeting the customs directors

Director of Quang Ngai Customs Department Vu Van Hai: Creating the best conditions for enterprises' investment projects

I accepted the position of Director of Quang Ngai Customs Department in April 2019.

Quang Ngai Customs manages areas with seaport gates, import and export goods of enterprises carrying out procedures in the area in addition to raw oil imported from Dung Quat Oil Refinery, machinery and equipment of Hoa Phat Steel factory, the main import and export goods of export processing enterprises; processed goods imported for export production.

With the aforementioned management characteristics, we have determined that good import-export business activities will positively impact the stable and rapidly increasing revenue of the unit. Therefore, creating favourable conditions for the business community, especially investment projects, is one of the solutions that Quang Ngai Customs Department aims to use to nurture revenue and increase revenue for the State budget. In addition to maintaining the troubleshooting team for businesses at the Customs Branches, Quang Ngai Customs Department will continue to coordinate with the State management units in the area to obtain information about investment projects and newly establishing businesses to have contact and legal support plans for businesses.

early spring meeting the customs directors

Director of Quang Ninh Customs Department Nguyen Van Nghien: Proactively changing approaches and supporting businesses

In 2019, the first year of receiving a new task, myself and the leaders of Quang Ninh Customs Department always follow the direction of the industry and the province in implementing political tasks.

As the head of a unit with a long tradition and achievements in construction and development, I have always determined the goal of building a solidarity, unity, concentration of democracy unit, promoting initiative and intelligence, creating and executing tasks with quality and efficiency to contribute to the overall achievement of the whole branch and to the province's development.

In 2020, I will personally continue with the leadership of Quang Ninh Customs Department to take the initiative in directing and making measures to shorten the time for customs clearance for goods and applications IT, reducing costs and time for businesses; implementing State budget collection scenario effectively to meet the target and exceed assigned targets of State budget collection and payment. At the same time, managing the situation, controlling the area and controlling subjects of smuggling and trade fraud; to ensure a clean, neat and rational structure, build a professional Customs force, creating trust, prestige and satisfaction of enterprises.

early spring meeting the customs directors

Hai Phong Customs Department Director Nguyen Duy Ngoc: Developing the Customs-business partnership

Being head of the second-largest unit in the industry and with a long tradition like the Hai Phong Customs Department is an honour but also a heavy responsibility for me. Therefore, in my new position, I will make efforts to cultivate and train myself, actively research, cultivate knowledge, leadership and management skills to complete the assigned tasks.

In my first year of holding a new responsibility, I united with the Party Committee and the department leaders to continue to maintain stability and leadership, directing the entire unit to continue successfully implementing goals and issued tasks. In 2020 and beyond, Hai Phong Customs Department and I will continue to grasp and implement tasks assigned by the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Customs, the Party Committee, the People's Council and the People's Committee of Hai Phong City. This will include deploying solutions to collect and combat revenue losses and striving to exceed the budget revenue target; focusing on developing the Customs-enterprise partnership into reality, regularly meeting, exchanging, grasping and promptly removing obstacles and difficulties for enterprises; continue to focus on consolidating, building a clean and strong unit, maintaining solidarity, stability and successfully completing all tasks.

early spring meeting the customs directors

Head of Ha Tinh Customs Department Nguyen Hong Linh: Continue to bring satisfaction to businesses and people

Taking on the top responsibility of Ha Tinh Customs Department is both an honour and a great responsibility for me.

I will try my best with the department's leadership to continue promoting the experience, capabilities, strengths and leadership of the department to make Ha Tinh Customs increasingly strong, solid and have excellent completion of all tasks. The case is delivered. In recent years, Ha Tinh Customs Department is considered one of the leading units in the whole province in terms of administrative reform index (in 2018 ranked second in the whole province). In the future, Ha Tinh Customs will continue to implement reforms, aiming at satisfaction of enterprises and people; innovate and modernise customs, build a professional, modern and transparent customs force, facilitate import and export activities, and improve the capacity and efficiency of the State management of customs.

In 2020 and beyond, Ha Tinh Customs Department and I will implement the instructions of leaders, in close coordination with units inside and outside the industry. In particular, Ha Tinh Customs Department will accompany with enterprises having import and export activities through the locality to complete assigned tasks, especially the collection of State funds.

early spring meeting the customs directors

Director of Risk Management Department Nguyen Nhat Kha: Implementing systematic, deep, wide and effective risk management

In charge of tasks entrusted by the superiors, entrusted, cooperated and trusted by officials and employees of the department, as the head of the unit in the new professional field, I will continue to inherit experiences and results of the implementation of risk management in the past time, give all of our heart, promote the highest level of responsibility, authority and intelligence to well perform the tasks. (Mr. Nguyen Nhat Kha assumed the position of Director of Risk Management Department from January 1, 2019-PV).

In recent years, risk management of the Customs sector has been developing rapidly, especially risk management in the implementation of customs procedures for import and export goods.

During my term, I will work with colleagues to review, build and complete the legal basis to organise the implementation of risk management systematically, deeply, broadly and effectively in all stages in professional customs, actively support electronic customs procedures, thereby proactively prevent, detect and prevent in advance the risk of violating the customs law.