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E-commerce market aids fake goods

15:09 | 15/12/2018

VCN-Just a few hundred thousand dong, consumers have Adidas shoes, Chanel bags, Rolex watches, DocIe Gabana perfume... on e-commerce platforms like Sendo, Lazada, Shopee...  

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Many perfumes are introduced as big brands but they are cheap. Picture: ĐH

Famous brands are sold at... "super low" price

E-commerce platforms like Lazada Electronics, Shop, Sendo... are becoming a convenient shopping channel for consumers, especially those with little time. However, many of the world's famous brands are sold at extremely low prices, which makes consumers skeptical.

The big e-commerce platforms in Vietnam such as Lazada and Shopee... are flooded with such products, from fashion to cosmetics and home appliances. For example, on Shopee, the shoes are introduced as Adidas shoes sold at 200,000 VND/ pair: Adidas Neo Porche 3 shoes for men cost 339,000 VND. Similarly, Chanel perfume, Varsace... on Lazada is sold at a shock price, for example, Vasace perfume 100 ml for men is priced at 106,000 VND, Docle Gabana perfume the One EDT 100ml for men is priced at 360,000 VND...

As a brand superfan, Ms. Nguyen Thi Uyen (Dong Da - Hanoi) is surprised when the Chanel brand bags are sold on Shopee platform at prices from 200,000 VND to more than 1 million VND/ product. Ms. Uyen shared: "Chanel bags can cost from several tens of millions to hundreds of million vnd, it couldn’t be cheaper than the above prices. Cheap Chanel bags being sold at Shopee could be fake/ counterfeit items”.

Not only that, many branded items are also being sold on e-commerce platforms for just over 100,000 VND/ product. When reporters type the keywords "Adidas shoes" on Lazada, besides a pair of branded shoes, there still have the same brand items sold from 130,000 VND to more than 300,000 VND/ pair. Similarly, when typing the keywords "Adidas shoes" on, the computer screen immediately appears with many products advertised as "genuine", but the price is just over 100,000 VND.

tin nhap 20181214231302 Vietnam, Japan cooperate in countering fake goods

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In fact, the easy registration to become shop owners and to sell products on an e-commerce site has become a "hole" for the "black marketeers" to trade counterfeit goods, low quality goods. An e-commerce enterprise is registering to sell by sharing the Lazada software: The seller just needs to download the software from the e-commerce site to the computer then perform the account registration by phone, email under an available form.

When a reporter asks the business about such registration, how e-commerce sites control the goods, and receives a reply: When our goods are posted on the electronic market, there is no control or examination from the service providers. If customers buy counterfeit goods in e-commerce platforms, then complain to the service provider, it will take measures to punish businesses depending on the severity. However, very few customers complain when buying counterfeit goods.

In fact, some consumers know that many items in the e-commerce market are counterfeit goods, but because of the cheap price, they still buy. Besides, many people buying fake goods of poor quality in the e-commerce market "swallow the bitter pill". Therefore, counterfeit goods are still sold commercially in the e-commerce market.

Destroy the brand goods

According to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade from 2014, e-commerce transaction owners or website owners are responsible for preventing and removing information on counterfeit goods, illegally imported goods, intellectual property infringement... In fact, according to the reporter of the Customs Newspaper, many e-commerce transactions or sales websites are still openly selling counterfeit goods, poor quality goods.

Talking with the Customs reporter, economic expert Ngo Tri Long said, e-commerce market is popular in Vietnam and many consumers also choose the form of buying and selling on the website because it is favorable and convenient. But many major e-commerce sites have been challenging the market by selling counterfeit goods on their websites.

Consumers are also “complicit” with these activities by clicking and ordering cheap items on e-commerce sites. In fact, pages that are publicly selling fake goods get the high traffic. E-commerce will develop strongly, Vietnamese are benefiting from cheap sales services, more promotions, free delivery. However, when we tolerate counterfeit goods on the online sales, we are "killing" the real goods, including Vietnamese goods,” expert Ngo Tri Long said.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is drafting a circular regulating the management of e-commerce websites applied on mobile devices in order to overcome the limitations of management and bring online business into the framework. The Ministry of Industry and Trade will publicly announce the names of e-commerce websites and mobile applications as well as the names and information of traders, organizations and individuals that own websites andapplications that break the rules.

By Do Hoa/ Kieu Oanh