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Drug trafficking through Tay Ninh Border gate warming

10:29 | 12/04/2018

VCN- During the last days of March, functional forces of Tay Ninh Province have destroyed many cases of drug trafficking from Cambodia to Tay Ninh Province, transporting to Ho Chi Minh City and some Southern provinces for consumption.

drug trafficking through tay ninh border gate warming
Functional forces of Moc Bai border gate coordinate to inspect an intercity bus entry into Vietnam. Photo: T.D.

According to functional forces of Tay Ninh, the drugs transported into Vietnam through the Tay Ninh area are mainly heroin, marijuana, narcotic drugs, narcotics... The activities of drug trafficking and trading across the area in the first months of 2018 are complex with many methods of increasingly sophisticated tricks. Functional forces in the area have detected and arrested some cases of drug trafficking across the border, notably in the international border gates of Moc Bai, Xa Mat, where they are having a large and increasing import/export volume of goods and exit/entry passengers.

Especially on March 28, the functional forces including Customs, Border Guard, Southern Border Task Force (Drug and Crime Prevention Department of Border Guard Command) destroyed 3 cases of drug trafficking with 5.5 kg of methamphetamine and 2,000 pills of synthetic drugs from Cambodia tô Xa Mặt and Moc Bai Border Gates. According to arrested subjects, they were hired for transportation by a mastermind who brought money from HCMC to Cambodia for buying heroin to make money. That was Lâm Thị Kiều, 1956, resident in Hóc Môn District, HCMC, who was arrested by Mộc Bài functional forces for trading 0.5 kg (5.5 Kg?) of methamphetamine and 2000 pills of synthetic drugs in 11 plastic bags.

drug trafficking through tay ninh border gate warming
Many types of heroin were seized in Tay Ninh province.

However, through collaboration and investigation, watching closely the situation, suspects, the functional forces of Tay Ninh have timely detected, prevented and destroyed drug trafficking groups smuggling large volumes, which are transported from Cambodia to Vietnam.Drug criminals in Tay Ninh, over years have mainly operated in Moc Bai, Xa Mat border gates and the two sides of border gates which have trials and paths. Criminals are mainly Vietnamese who were hired to transport. In addition, there are also passengers who go to Cambodia for gambling, and using, selling and transporting drugs in small quantities, thus, it is difficult to detect.

Typically, after many days of secret activities, strengthening inspection, control, at about 9:30 on January 10, 2018, in the area of Nam Hiep Thanh, in Loi Thuan commune, Ben Cau district, Tay Ninh province, the task force of Moc Bai International Border Guard Station in cooperation with the Drug and Crime Prevention Department of Border Guard Command of Tay Ninh Province, arrested Dinh Van Hung, 1984, resident in Hong Ngu, Dong Thap province, who was transporting 3kg of synthetic drugs from Cambodia to Vietnam. Hung admitted to transporting the drug for a Cambodian woman and handing over to an unknown person in Ho Chi Minh City. Shortly thereafter, the forces coordinated to expand investigation in this case, continued to investigate and deployed several professional measures and arrested two more suspects in the drug transport line.

Or like the case that happened at about 20:00 on March 22, 2018, in the area of Thanh Tay commune, Tan Bien district, the Department of Drug Prevention of Tay Ninh police force in collaboration with Tan Bien district police arrested 2 Cambodians – Lim So Thia (1984) and Buy Bunly (1967, living in Tbong Khmum, Cambodia) for illegally transporting narcotics from Cambodia into Vietnam. The evidence included about 5 kg of synthetic drugs, a motorcycle, a K59 gun and six rounds. On the 23rd and 24th of March, the police arrested smugglers with more than 6kg of synthetic narcotics, worth nearly 5 billion VND, a car, and a shotgun...

However, according to the functional forces, the coordinated fight to arrest illegal drug traffickers has gotten positive results, but it has not met the requirements compared with the actual situation in the Tay Ninh area. The gathering of information about future drug offenses (peripheral) has encountered many difficulties, so it has not been proactive about information from outside the area for checking and controlling drug trafficking from crossing border gates.

So, in the coming time, forces need to be strengthened further in coordinated patrolling; to inspect and supervise import and export goods, means of transport on entry or exit or in transit; to organize the fight, detect, arrest and strictly handle acts of smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods, especially illegal transportation of narcotics. At the same time, to renovate and improve the effectiveness of law dissemination for people, to mobilize people not to participate, help smugglers and say no to smuggling.

According to the report of the Steering Committee 389 of Tay Ninh, in the first three months of 2018, functional forces have detected and arrested 370 smuggling cases, trade frauds and counterfeit goods. The units handled 283 administrative violations with a fine of nearly 8.8 billion VND. Functional forces also carried out 10 criminal prosecutions with 14 subjects. Documents of illegal transportation of narcotics are being completed by the functional force, continuing to expand investigation to handle in accordance with the law.

By Thu Dịu/ Kiều Oanh