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Dong Nai Customs: seriously reviewing and combating origin fraud

10:35 | 05/12/2019

VCN- Implementing the anti-fraud plan in the general policy of the Customs sector, Dong Nai Customs Department has taken many solutions to each unit. Many violations have been detected and handled in a timely manner.

dong nai customs seriously reviewing and combating origin fraud Dong Nai Customs Department: Collecting tens of billions of dong through inspection
dong nai customs seriously reviewing and combating origin fraud Dong Nai Customs: Consulting and answering problems for businesses online
dong nai customs seriously reviewing and combating origin fraud Dong Nai Customs Department: Control in parallel with support for businesses
dong nai customs seriously reviewing and combating origin fraud
Customs officials of Bien Hoa Customs Department inspect import and export goods. Photo: N.H.

Preventing electronic goods, textiles of fake origin

Recently, EV JSC located in Hung Yen province opened a declaration at the Dong Nai Customs Department to import VND 706 million of goods as curtains of all kinds. On the customs declaration, the company declared C / O form E and origin of goods from China. Physical inspection results showed the shipment consisted of 4,331 ready-made curtains packaged in plastic packages. On these packages, there is “Made in Vietnam”. As such, all of these curtains were printed with fake information of Vietnamese origin before being imported into Vietnam.

Dong Nai Customs Department reported to the General Department of Customs. Accordingly, the General Department of Customs stated the company has committed the act of unfair competition in using commercial indications that make confusion in origin and conditions for providing goods and services according to provisions at Point b, Article 130 Intellectual Property Law. Therefore, the General Department of Customs requested Dong Nai Customs Department comply with Clause 4, Article 15 of Decree 99/2013 / ND-CP to handle the violations of the company. The sanction prescribed in Article 14 of Decree 99 on unfair competition in industrial property carries a maximum fine of VND 250 million.

Similarly, through inspecting the warehouse of A. VN Electric Machinery Co., Ltd, Dong Nai Customs Department and the interdisciplinary inspection team under Dong Nai provincial Steering Committee 389 discovered 356 washing machine products imported from China with signs of changing labels on imported products as well as changing indications of origin and the manufacturing place. The company also confessed the act of fake labelling of Vietnamese origin on imported products. Therefore, the inspection team issued a decision to seal off the infringing goods and transfer the case to the Investigation Police Agency (PC03) - Dong Nai Province’s Public Security for investigation.

Strengthen inspection

Dong Nai Customs Department said from now until the end of the year, the Department still determined the fight against origin fraud, illicit transshipment and fake labelling as an important task. Recently, the department has decided to set up a department-level steering committee to implement the plan of inspecting, verifying origin, combating origin fraud, fake labelling of goods, infringement of intellectual property rights and illicit transshipment. In which, a Deputy Director is the Head of the Committee with 17 members who are leaders of divisions and branches. This committee shall take charge of directing the implementation of plans on strengthening inspection and identification of the origin, combating origin fraud, fake labelling, infringement of intellectual property rights, illicit transshipment and guide the handling of problems arising in the implementation.

According to the Steering Committee representative, there are two cases that businesses often take advantage of to cheat the origin. Firstly, businesses import semi-finished products, then implement simple processing and label Vietnamese origin. Secondly, businesses import finished products without labels or with foreign labels then replace these labels with fake ones with Vietnamese origin for exports or domestic consumption. Therefore, Dong Nai Customs Department will continue to review import declarations from some key markets and products such as wooden, garment and electronic products to control and detect fraud.

According to Nguyen Phuc Tho, Deputy Director of Dong Nai Customs Department, the department will work with forces in the province such as the Police, Market Surveillance and inland tax authorities to identify commodities and businesses with signs of risks, fraud, counterfeiting of origin, labeling of goods, illicit transshipment such as businesses newly involved in import and export activities and foreign direct investment enterprises.

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The department shall continue to review abnormal transactions and sharp increase in the import-export turnover that is not suitable with the capacity and production scale from countries subject to trade remedies and enterprises with export turnover showing a sharp increase to large markets. Thereby, analysing, verifying and clarifying information on businesses and goods with high-risk of origin fraud and fake labels, and actively developing coordination plans, apply measures to inspect and verify signs of origin fraud.

By Nguyen Hien/ Huyen Trang