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Do not neglect the brand building

13:03 | 08/01/2018

VCN - Big C is currently one of the most active supermarkets in promoting the consumption of Vietnamese goods both in the domestic market and international market. Regarding the increase of competitiveness for Vietnamese goods, especially in the international market, Mr. Nguyen Thai Dung (photo), Deputy General Director of Big C Thang Long Supermarket said that Vietnamese enterprises should pay more attention to building their brands as well as maintaining and ensuring product quality. 

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do not neglect the brand building

What do you think about the brand building of Vietnamese manufacturers over the past time?

Over the past few years, Vietnamese manufacturers have paid more attention to product quality as well as brand building in order to access modern distribution systems and export to the markets in the region and in the world. However, after a period of companionship with Vietnamese manufacturers in exporting Vietnamese products, many Vietnamese manufacturers have not paid attention to brand building, registration of intellectual property rights and geographical instruction to confirm their sovereignty and special characteristics of their products to the market.

Agricultural products are one of the key export items of Vietnam, which has been supported and promoted to access the international market by Big C Vietnam and Thai Land Central Group. In your opinion, what are the key factors reducing the competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products in the international market?

With agricultural products, it is worth noting that manufacturers have not paid much attention to the development of packages and models according to international standards. In addition, Vietnamese manufacturers are not interested in post-harvest preservation. The fastidious import markets such as the EU, the US and Japan set high requirements for post-harvest quality.

Currently, most Vietnamese manufacturers, especially small and medium enterprises, farm households and farmers are not eligible as well as having not paid an appropriate amount of attention to this field. In the future, I hope the above weaknesses will be improved, thereby better promoting the exports of Vietnamese products to the world market.

What has Big C been doing to increase the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods, Sir?

From 2016, Big C had a program of companionship with the Vietnamese brands to support market information provision, packaging and model design, especially strategies for brand building for Vietnamese manufacturers to meet the requirements of the retail system such as Big C supermarket system. In particular, we collaborated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to hold the event, ‘Weeks of Vietnamese products’, overseas to promote and help Vietnamese enterprises with the exports.

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In fact, Big C Vietnam as well as the Central Group has supported Vietnamese manufacturers, especially agricultural products and foodstuffs, for better access to the world market. As evidence to that, Big C supermarket system has exported the Luc Ngan lychee from Vietnam to the Thai market into the supermarket systems of the Central Group. This food was highly appreciated by Thai consumers. I think that this will be a good premise to export Vietnamese agricultural products to South East Asian markets as well as more distant and fastidious markets such as EU, USA and Japan in the coming time.

Thank you Sir!

Ms. Truong Thi Ngoc Anh under Standing Board of Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee: Raising the brand is the important solution to help enterprises gain a good position for deeper integration.

So far, more than 90% of Vietnamese consumers have been interested in goods originating from Vietnamese enterprises and bringing Vietnamese brands. Among them, more than 60% confirm that they will continue to pay attention to and use Vietnamese goods. Enterprises are also actively investing in science and technology, applying new management methods, improving productivity and product quality, and researching to reduce production costs in order to offer prices suitable for Vietnamese consumers.

Many Vietnamese brands built their brands beyond the national level, approaching regional and world level. However, in the trend of competition, the improvement of enterprise capacity, especially the improvement of enterprise brand, the brand of Vietnamese products becomes very important. This not only contributes to higher economic efficiency but also confirms the position of Vietnamese enterprises in the market, helping enterprises gain good position in deep integration.

Ms. Dinh Thi My Loan – President of Association of Vietnam Retailers: Each enterprise must have its own way.

In the process of branding, finding a position in integration, there is not one way that can be suitable for all enterprises and for all types of business, so that each individual and each enterprise needs their own strategy and own way.

For the retail sector, the latest information from the 18th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition (APRCE) held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in October 2017 has shown that many opportunities and challenges were waiting for Vietnamese retailers. In order to change the retail sector, there is a need for a development strategy for this sector and a focus on issues such as: promoting growth through creation; increasing productivity through technology application; building a high-performance and ready-for-work retailer force for the future; supporting Vietnamese retailers to expand their markets to access new customers from ASEAN and the world.

Ms. Le Viet Nga, Deputy Director of Domestic Market Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade): the connection between FDI enterprises and local enterprises in 2018 will be promoted.

In 2018, under the direction of the Prime Minister, the industry and trade will focus on promoting the connection between FDI enterprises and domestic enterprises, so that FDI enterprises will trust the Vietnamese brands and use materials, machinery and auxiliary equipment manufactured in the home country.

In addition, it will focus on promoting and supporting small and medium enterprises when the Law on Support for Small and Medium Enterprises takes effect 1st Janaury 2018. In particular, the extremely important content is that how to let small and medium enterprises access the local distribution systems methodologically. According to Article 13 of the Law on Support for Small and Medium Enterprises, the ministries, sectors and people’s committees will be responsible for organizing the distribution systems for small and medium enterprises. If any system has more than 80% of products of small and medium enterprises manufactured in the domestic market, they will enjoy great incentives on tax, charge and land

In addition, the national trade promotion program in 2018 towards the domestic market, mountainous and island markets will have new ways, key points and extensive spread to better introduce Vietnamese goods to consumers in the country ...

Recorded by Duc Quang

By Uyen Nhu/ Huyen Trang