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Diversifying methods of legal support for businesses in 2018

09:04 | 06/01/2018

 VCN- The Ministry of Finance has issued a plan for legal support business in 2018. This is an annual plan of the Ministry of Finance to support as well as remove in a timely fashion difficulties and obstacles for businesses.

diversifying methods of legal support to business in 2018 Customs sector: Providing many solutions to assist declarants in complying with the law
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diversifying methods of legal support to business in 2018 Customs sector has signed cooperation agreements with 52 enterprises and business associations
diversifying methods of legal support to business in 2018
Directly providing information at headquarters is one of effective support forms. Photo: H.V

According to this plan, businesses have chance to approach relevant legal information and processes of financial law accurately, promptly and fully in accordance with their demands. In addition, the Ministry of Finance will combine legal support to businesses with legal propaganda and education activities; propaganda, support and information provision to tax payers, Customs declarants and other State management activities under its functions.

The deployment method is to organize conferences to publicize and train legal knowledge; discuss and gather comments on finalization of draft legal documents; to compile publications, documents, leaflets to introduce legal documents and write articles in newspapers and magazines

Contents support to businesses including; legal normative documents on finance, bank, debt management and external finance, Insurance, Securities, Tax and Customs.

The Ministry of Finance will also receive businesses’ proposals related to provisions of the law on Tax and Customs, based on the proposals to hold business dialogue conferences to remove difficulties and obstacles in practical application of legal normative documents.

The General Department of Taxation and the General Department of Customs collaborate with the Legal Department, Tax Policy Department and relevant units under the Ministry of Finance to summarize and review businesses’ proposals to specify scopes, contents and objects to submit to the Ministry for implementation.

In addition, the information on financial legal normative documents newly issued will be updated accurately and promptly updated to the website of the Ministry, and its subordinate units (if any). The information and propaganda for the business community via the press agencies of the sector will be strengthened.

Units under the Ministry receive obstacles and proposals and respond to businesses via forms such as written response, via e-network, direct response or via telephone and other forms in accordance with provisions.

In 2017, in order for legal support to businesses, the Ministry of Finance held many conferences and seminars on legal propaganda and training legal knowledge for businesses and provided over 2,700 training sessions on tax regimes, policies and administrative procedures for 320,000 Tax officers and Tax payers, plus 53 training sessions for Customs declarants and businesses.

The Ministry also regularly receives guidance and responds to businesses’ obstacles in many forms such as direct response at headquarters, written responses and via the website. Particularly in the Customs field, it received and handled 12,439 turns of requests for information provision at headquarters, received 37,241 cases of request for written response, responded to 69,231 turn requests of information provision via telephone. In the Tax field, it answered 23,500 documents and answered by telephone 1.2 million turns.

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The Ministry of Finance effectively deployed forms of dialogue with business and tax payers and Customs declarants. In the Customs field, it held 89 regular dialogues with Tax payers and Customs declarants. In the Tax field, it held about 1,500 businesses dialogue conferences nationwide with 100,000 turns of participants.

Through dialogues, the Tax and Customs authorities promptly understood difficulties and obstacles in financial law compliance of enterprises and responded in a timely fashion. At the same time, it gathered comments from the business community to further improve the financial law system.

By Hong Van/Ngoc Loan