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Discover large amount of material of textile fabric “under the cloak” of scrap

10:59 | 08/06/2019

VCN – A large amount of material of textile fabric with huge value was packaged in one 45 foot container. However, the enterprise declared the goods were fabric scrap to evade paying tax.

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A large amount of material of textile fabric “under the cloak” of textile scrap was seized by Unit 1. Photo: T.Bình

The case was investigated by Northern Anti-smuggling Enforcement Unit (Unit 1, Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department, General Department of Vietnam Customs) and coordinated with Police Division on criminal investigation on corruption, economic and smuggling (PC03, Hai Duong Police).

The above fabric was brought back from Ha Phong Export Garment Joint Stock Company (tax code: 2400351817) located at Doan Bai Commune, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) by Can An Co., Ltd. (tax code: 0801264903) located at Nam Sach Town, Nam Sach District (Hai Duong province). It is known that, Ha Phong Export Garment Joint Stock Company is an enterprise operating in the garment and textile sector. They have imported a large amount of material of textile fabrics under type E21 (processing for foreign traders).

On the consignment was sold to Can An Co., Ltd, according to the declaration of Ha Phong Company, this was scrap and worth 163 million VND.

However, through the reconnaissance process, Unit 1 discovered the trading activities between the two companies had many suspicious signs.

After arranging reconnaissance forces to monitor all movements and changes of the suspicious shipments, on May 28, Unit 1 collaborated with PC03 (Hai Duong Provincial Police) to seize the shipment in Nam Sach, Hai Duong province.

On May 30, in Hai Duong City, Unit 1 coordinated with PC03 (Hai Duong Police) to examine the suspicious containers.

Present at the scene to witness the search of the competent forces, the reporter of the Customs News noted there was little fabric scrap as declared by the enterprise, most of it was raw materials of textile fabric that were intact packaging in plastic, goods code with many colours of green, red, white and purple

The Northern Anti-Smuggling Enforcement Unit is continuing to investigate the case.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy