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Disbursement of public investment capital: Proactively urging project investors

10:44 | 09/11/2019

VCN - In the last months of the year, the State Treasury system has focused on coordinating with related units to accelerate the disbursement of investment capital, especially for projects with large capital plans in 2019.

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The General Director of the State Treasury requests discipline for individuals who intentionally commit violations causing delays in the implementation and disbursement of public investment capital.

Some key projects have disbursed capital slowly

According to the latest State Treasury report, the accumulated investment capital under the 2019 plan to control expenditures through the State Treasury disbursed was estimated to be VND218,896 billion by October 31, reaching 57.2 percent of the plan and equal to the same period in 2018.

Many localities have had a high rate of disbursement of investment capital. Specifically, at theHung Yen State Treasury, as of October 15, the whole province has disbursed public investment capital of VND3,234 billion, reaching 71.6percent of the plan, up 21.3percentover the same period last year. Of which, the disbursement of central budget was VND636 billion; the local budget disbursement was VND2,472 billion; and the amount of disbursed capital that lasted for a long time and was transferred to 2019 was VND125 billion. Compared to the national result, this figure is quite good.

To achieve the above results, the Hung Yen State Treasury has promoted the receipt of payment control records of the online public service system, facilitated customers, carried out administrative procedure reform, and modernized treasury operations since the beginning of the year. Besides, the Hung Yen State Treasury has actively reviewed and mastered the disbursement of investment capital of each projectin the 2019 plan; and has worked closely with financial agencies at all levels, departments and investors to find the causes of the projects with low disbursement rates, and problems in site clearance andcontractor selection to take timely measures to accelerate disbursement of capital construction investment capital in 2019.

Atthe Hai Duong State Treasury, as of October 20, the whole province disbursed more than VND3,463 billion, reaching over 70percent of the capital plan after supplementation (VND4,260 billion).Hai Duong is currently one of the ten provinces with a high disbursement rate in the country thanks to the great initiative of the attached State Treasury units.

According to the leader of the Hai Duong State Treasury, as soon as the capital plan was available, the Hai Duong State Treasury and its attached State Treasury units have notified the investors and project management units to deploy, speed up the construction progress and urgently take over when the volume is completed to submit to the State Treasury for payment procedures.Therefore, the state treasury units in the area have had a high rate of disbursement of investment capital so far, namely: the Nam Sach State Treasury reached 88.5percent of the plan; the Thanh Ha State Treasury reached 87.1percent of the plan and the Kinh Mon State Treasury reached 86.3percent of the plan.

Notably, the State Treasury reviewed the disbursement situation until September 30, 2019 of some key projects and projects withlarge investment capital plansin 2019 under the central management. For example, at the Ministry of Transport, regarding the state budget capital for the Hanoi Urban Railway project, the domestic capital was more than VND317 billion, payment of more than VND64 billion, reaching 20.3percent of the plan; the foreign capital was over VND796.8 billion, no payment has been made. The Lach Huyen port project– HaiPhong city has good disbursement, specifically, the domestic capital plan was VND584 billion, payment of over VND549 billion, reaching 94.5percent of the plan; the foreign capital wasVND1,500 billion, payment of over VND741 billion, reaching 49.4percent of the plan. Or the PhanThiet – DauGiay expressway project had slow disbursement, with the capital of VND1,134.9 billion, the disbursement reached just 7.5percent of the plan.

For the central budget capital of the Ministry of Health, Bach Mai Hospital branch No. 2 had a domestic capital plan of VND1,400 billion, the payment reached 41.2percentof the plan;Viet Duc Hospital branch No. 2 had a domestic capital plan of VND1,365 billion, payment of 39.5percent of the plan.For the Government bond capital source of the Ministry of Health, a number of projects such as: Improving and upgrading K-Hospital branch I, II and KHV; and the National hospital of Endocrinology in Ho Chi Minh City project has not yet disbursed any capital.

For projects under local management, notably Long Thanh international airportproject (Dong Nai Province), the capital of VND6,990 billion has just been disbursed more than threepercent; Dong Thap General Hospital has not disbursed any capital out of a total VND305 billion.

Public servants are strictly prohibited from harassing

The State Treasury has implemented a series of solutions to speed up the disbursement of investment capital in 2019.In mid-October, the General Director of the State Treasury issued a Directive on strengthening solutions in the State Treasury system to accelerate the disbursement plan of public investment capital in 2019 to the local State Treasury units.

The State Treasury required directors of the State Treasury of provinces and cities; the director of the State Treasury's Exchange Department to proactively coordinate and guide investors and the Project Management Boards wholeheartedly and thoughtfully, especially in perfecting their dossiers,payment procedures or changes in mechanisms and policies related to the control of investment capital payment. And the units' leaders must promptly grasp and handle arising problems according to their respective competence.

The local State Treasury units are also required to proactively urge investors, project management boards to complete their dossiers, within four working days from the date of acceptance, they will have to make payment procedures immediately with the State Treasury in accordance with the provisions of the Government, do not accrue payment volume at the end of the year. Especially, focus on urging investors in recovering the advance of construction investment capital to ensure compliance with current responsibilities and regulations.

In particular, the General Director of the State Treasury strictly prohibited civil servants who control the spending of the State Treasury from taking advantage of functions and tasks to cause trouble, harass, and seek personal profit when handling affairs; conducted a review of responsibilities and disciplines of individuals who intentionally commit violations causing delays in the implementation and disbursement of public investment capital.

From now to the end of the year, the State Treasury required ministries, branches and localities to focus on directing investors to speed up the acceptance of completed volumes, complete the dossiers and procedures to send to the State Treasury as a basis for payment control. At the same time, strengthen the sending of dossiers of request for payment via online public services of the State Treasury to shorten the payment time, contributing to accelerate the disbursement of investment capital.

The State Treasury has recently proposed the Investment Department (the Ministry of Finance) to report to the Ministry of Finance to publicize the implementation and the disbursement rate of investment capital of the ministries, central agencies and localities till the end of September 30, 2019 on mass media. Simultaneously, report to the Ministry of Finance to issue a request to the ministries and localities to review the advance that has not arranged a plan to recover and urgently arrange the capital plan in 2019 (if any) or arrange the capital plan in 2020 and subsequent years to recover the advance payments.

By ThuyLinh/ Ha Thanh