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Director General Nguyen Van Can: Strive to achieve 290 billion vnd in budget collection

09:36 | 06/07/2017

VCN – Understanding the direction of Deputy Minister Vu Thi Mai – Minster of Finance at Online Conference for Summary of the work in the first 6 months and deployment task in the last 6 months of 2017, Director General of General Department of Customs – Mr. Nguyen Van Can said that, the whole Customs sector will strive to achieve 290 trillion vnd in budget collection that is assigned by Ministry of Finance.

director general nguyen van can strive to achieve 290 billion vnd in budget collection
Director General of General Department of Customs - Nguyen Van Can made a speech at the conference. Photo: Hữu Linh

Evaluating the results in tasks performance in the first 6 months, the Director General noted and praised the units have made many efforts, in that he emphasized some units have put more efforts in the implementation of Customs supervision tasks, go into substantive management; The tax loss prevention and tax collection has gone into strict management basically show positive sign, the steps of pre-clearance, clearance and post clearance audit have been implemented. The supervisory regulations of the General Department have initially been put into practice, laying the foundation for more formal and modern Customs.

Requesting to closely monitor the tasks and solutions that have been proposed to implement the task in the last 6 months, the Director General asked the units to accelerate the development of some important projects, especially Amend Circular 38/2015 / TT-BTC and Decree 08/2015 / ND-CP in order to increase autonomy management of Customs authorities. At the same time, the information technology will be repaired to ensure the requirements of Customs management, to continually review the problems and inadequacies of mechanisms, policies, legal documents, processes and regulations in order to set up a plan for amendment, supplement or substitution.

In particular, about the budget collection task, the Director General requested that the provincial Customs Departments follow up the tasks and task orientations in order to implement the tasks for achieving the target of 285 trillion vnd and strive to reach 290 trillion vnd. Thus, in order to accomplish the task, Customs Branch and Customs Departments need to evaluate in detail the achievements, the limitations, the initiative of the units in the budget collection when doing procedures, price determination, and code,... Also correcting errors in the work of inspection, valuation, codes of goods. Along with that is strengthen to the fight against revenue loss, the units that have not reached the targets in the plan, need to have specific guidance, assessment level of completion, strengthening to inspect on 3 levels, etc.

Regarding internal management, the Director-General emphasized that, in the second half of the year, the General Department of Customs will develop the plan for inspection of civil service at the departments and branches level, evaluate the compliance with the regulations. To re-organize the Customs Branch level, Unit, team in accordance with the criteria issued by the Ministry of Finance. Furthermore, to re-organize human force in order to meet the requirements of management and flow of goods. Moreover, to renovate and raise the training and retraining efficiency for Customs officers and civil servants.

By Thu Trang/Thanh Thuy