September 18, 2020 13:49

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Dinh Ba Customs seizes two smuggled rice harvester-threshers worth nearly half a billion

10:08 | 30/07/2020

VCN – Dinh Ba Customs Branch (Dong Thap Customs Department) made a record of administrative violations and temporary seized two smuggled rice harvester-threshers, valued VND 450 million.

dinh ba customs seizes two smuggled rice harvester threshers worth nearly half a billion
Smuggled rice harvester-threshers was seized by Dinh Ba Customs

Dinh Ba Customs Branch said the unit worked with Dinh Ba International Border Post to patrol on the route to Nam Hang. When the force went to T-junction under Duoi Tom village, Tan Ho Co commune, Tan Hong District, Dong Thap province, they discovered a truck transporting a used rice harvester-thresher.

Suspecting this used rice harvester-thresher was smuggled, the force signaled to stop for inspection. Through inspection, the group detected a used rice harvester-thresher branded KUBOTA, made in Thailand, on the truck.

Through initial verification, the authority verified the above rice harvester-thresher was owned by Tran Van Hung (born in 1985, living in Tan Thanh commune, Tan Thanh district, Long An province). Hung could not produce documents to prove the legal origin of the rice harvester-thresher.

On the evening of the same day, through information confirmed that the smuggled rice harvester-threshers was not moved to the other places, thus, Dinh Ba Customs Branch continued to work with Thong Binh Border Post and Thong Binh commune police to patrol the border patrol route in Thi hamlet, Thong Binh commune, Tan Hong district - Dong Thap for searching. Arriving at the area of ​​Ba Le Hieu residential area, the working group discovered there was a rice harvester-thresher left by the side of the road.

Through initial inspection, the task force identified the rice harvester-thresher originated from Thailand and had been used.

After the discovery, Tran Van Hung - owner of a rice harvester-thresher was arrested in the area of ​​Duoi Tom hamlet when he came to that area and claimed to be the owner of the machine.

Working with the Customs authority, Tran Van Hung claimed the two rice harvester-threshers were purchased from a Cambodian man through a broker, so there were no legal documents.

The value of the two rice harvester-threshers was about VND 450 million. Dinh Ba Customs Branch has made a record of administrative violations and temporarily seized the exhibits in accordance with regulations.


By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy