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Determined to fight against fake goods

08:28 | 01/12/2019

VCN - Businesses said they were determined to fight fake goods at the forum "Fake goods, goods of unknown origin and safety for consumers' health” held by Vina Science and Technology Development Joint Stock Company (Vina CHG) in Ho Chi Minh City on November 27.

determined to fight against fake goods Fake pillows, latex mattresses and blankets made in Vietnam.
determined to fight against fake goods EU customs seized €740 million worth of fake goods in 2018
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determined to fight against fake goods
Goods at the forum. Photo: Nguyen Hue

"Matrix" of fake goods

Consumers seem to fall into a "matrix" of fake goods and authentic goods. It is difficult to distinguishwhether goods and products are manufactured or distributed by genuine manufacturers and distributors. Meanwhile, genuine manufacturers and distributors face more sophisticated tricks from fake and counterfeit branding thanks to the internet. The quick spread of information and difficulty incontrol via social networks also make it difficult for businesses to protect their brands. And when fake goods are sold in the market, businesses are also confused about how tochoose measures to protect their brand's reputation as well as consumers’ benefits.

According to those at the forum, the problem of counterfeit goods, goods infringing intellectual property rights, poor quality goods and goods of unknown origin are rampant in the market,harming shopping and consumption psychology of consumers, particularly for consumer goods, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Fake goods andgoods of unknown origin also directly threaten the health, even the life of consumers upon use.

Moreover, the development of internet-based business forms in addition to traditional business makes the management, control and prevention of fake goods and goods of unknown origin more difficult.

According to Tran GiangKhue, deputy chief representative of the Intellectual Property Office in Ho Chi Minh City, fake goods are not only a problem forVietnam but also forother countries, where reputable brands and authentic goods are, there are fake goods from needles, threads to smartphones. It is praiseworthy that many goods are disguised as Vietnamese products, meaning Vietnamese goods have high reputation, but on the other hand, the management, inspection, business and consumer protection have problems. Especially fake goods and goods of unknown origin hamper genuine businesses and consumers.

Consensus required

According to the speakers at the forum, there are many reasons for the problem of fake goods disputes great efforts of competent agencies and business in the prevention of fake goods. Tran Minh Loan, Vice President of Vietnam Gas Association said in addition to participating in anti-fake goods techniques, bringing goods to the market also needs a strategy and culture of anti-fake goods. Currently, many businesses were still "vague" about the company's strategy and culture, so there was no long-term solution to combat fake goods.

Besides, Khue said many businesses are afraid of not disclosing information anddo not actively hand when their goods are counterfeited. Even many businesses forget to register copyright, which makes it difficult for authorities to handle counterfeiting cases. The use of technology and development of an initial protection system of many businesses is still very weak. On the consumer side, the psychology of using branded goods of consumers also creates conditions for the proliferation of fake goods.

According to businesses, the most important factor for the above problem is that sanctionsforfake goods arenot strict enough. According to Nguyen Ngoc Ty, CEO of Non Son Fashion Company, producers of counterfeit goods are not small businesses but businesses with legal status, factories, and moulds to produce fake goods in large quantities, so the administrative fine of a few dozen million will not affect them much, it needs a strict sanction, even withdrawing their business licenses forever. To do that, it is necessary to revise legal provisions and increase the powers of law enforcement agencies.

Besides, it needs coordination from central to local levels, but the police and market management forces cannot solve the problem alone. Especially, it is necessary to have the strong involvement of the media to promoteefficiency in the fight against counterfeiting.

The representative of Anh Dao Cosmetics Company also said State management agencies, businesses and consumers must build a consensus in fight against fake goods. Currently many businesses have invested in modern technology and made sales policies for distributors and markets to limit fake goods but without coordination, businesses will struggle.

Nguyen Viet Hong, General Director of Vina CHG Company, said the company has launched many anti-counterfeiting technologies to support businesses including traceability stamp; currently there are no units able to counterfeit. Anti-counterfeiting is a tough battle that requires the coordination of many components, in which, consumers have a very important role in providing information and detecting fake goods.

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"Businesses need to use all available tools, including communication tools and work with experts. Especially they need to trust and inquiry law enforcement agencies in the fight against counterfeiting,”said Nguyen Minh Tri, Director of Minh Tuan Electronics Service Company Limited.

By Nguyen Hue/ Huyen Trang