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Deputy Minister of Finance: to prevent the situation where the storm passed long ago, but people have not been aided

17:37 | 27/12/2017

VCN – On the morning of 25th December 2017, General Department of State Reserves (GDSR) held an online conference with 22 videoconferences to summarize the performance in 2017 and to deploy task for 2018.

deputy minister of finance to prevent the situation where the storm passed long ago but people have not been aided Vietnam attaches importance to promoting cultural diversity
deputy minister of finance to prevent the situation where the storm passed long ago but people have not been aided Foreign exchange reserves at record high of US$42 billion
deputy minister of finance to prevent the situation where the storm passed long ago but people have not been aided Modernization to enhance the operations of the national reserves
deputy minister of finance to prevent the situation where the storm passed long ago but people have not been aided

The Deputy Minister of Finance stated at the conference

127,000 tons of rice aid

According to the GDSR’s report, in 2017, the Vietnam’s economy has shown signs of recovery but still faces many difficulties and challenges such as natural disasters, epidemics and complicated regional security issues and a lot of unpredictable risks. The State Reserves sector has implemented synchronously tasks and solutions to fulfil the tasks assigned by the Party and State.

Regarding aid in 2017, Deputy Director of GDSR Le Van Thoi said that the Ministry of Finance had provided over 127,000 tons of rice and many supplies and rescue equipment to assist localities in overcoming the consequences of natural disasters and hunger elimination during the between crop period and to support students in remote areas with difficult economic conditions with international aid, etc.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has provided millions of vaccines; hundreds of tons of chemicals, antiseptic medicines; thousands of tons of plant seeds to support localities to prevent disease and restore agricultural production caused by natural disasters.

By the end of the year, the national reserve of goods has delivered sufficient quantity, ensured quality and distributed to the right people; sent to assist localities in a timely fashion, helped people overcome difficulties, restore agricultural production and stabilize their lives.

In addition, the import, export and rotating of reserve goods, the quality of national reserve stores and goods were also focused to avoid mistakes. According to Mr. Thoi, these achieved results are mainly thanks to the initiative of the reserve managers in implementing the plan as well as dealing with difficulties and problems arising during the year.

The GDSR has also gradually developed and improved the system of quality standards, process and rules of preservation, national technical regulations, economic and technical norms and created favourable conditions for the storage of national reserve goods.

Specifically, concerning the formulation and promulgation of policies on national reserves, Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, Director General of Legal Policy Department under the GDSR stated that the legal system on national reserves so far has been unified, creating a legal corridor for agencies to perform well: the management of reserve goods, thus contributing an important part to achieving the national objectives which were actively responding to unexpected and urgent request on the prevention and overcoming of the consequences of natural calamities, tasks of national defence and security, as well as other socio-economic tasks of the country.

In 2017, the GDSR has proposed the Ministry of Finance to issue 4 circulars, contributing to improving technical standards of national reserve goods.

deputy minister of finance to prevent the situation where the storm passed long ago but people have not been aided
Under the authority, the leader of the Ministry of Finance awarded the Government’s emulation flags to the GDSR and its subordinate units.

Review standards and norms

Regarding the implementation of tasks for 2018, Mr. Do Viet Duc, acting Director General of GDSR raised four solutions. Firstly, continuing the cooperation with the ministries and agencies in charge of national reserves management to complete, supplement and develop mechanisms and policies for unified deployment.

Secondly, the State reserves units will be prepared to carry out the 2018 plan in accordance with regulations and progress; take initiative in coordinating with localities to survey and grasp information on prices regularly and then report them to competent authorities for decision on buying price and time and ensure the budget savings and fulfil targets and assigned plans.

Thirdly, in order to be ready to deliver national reserve goods on a timely basis, the GDSR directs its units to prepare well all resources for goods delivery to the local people affected by natural disasters, flood, drought, crop failure, disease control, security and defence.....

Finally, enhancing the inspection and examination, taking initiative in proposing and reporting to competent authorities for settlement of difficulties and problems during the implementation and rectifying the management and use of national reserve goods which were delivered to wrong people and purposes.

At the conference, Deputy Minister of Finance Tran Van Hieu praised the efforts of the whole State Reserves sector in performing tasks in the past year, especially in the context where there were personnel transfers in the General Department, natural disasters and other emergencies, etc.

Approving with the orientation of operation in 2018 as proposed by the GDSR, Deputy Minister Tran Van Hieu emphasized the task of reviewing the standards and norms of national reserve goods to improve and catch up with the progress of modern science and technology and the development of facilities.

In addition, mechanisms and policies need to solve the unreasonable problem where reverse goods are sometimes insufficient and sometimes they are redundant.

In the import and rotating of the national reserve goods, the Deputy Minister requests the units to pay attention to time in order to ensure the lowest import price, with the highest quality, for the maximum selling price. The task of goods delivery must be focused, because "a stitch in time saves nine", regardless of the administrative procedures.

"It is necessary to review the process, thoroughly solve the problems at all levels, prevent the situation where the storm passed long ago, the people have not been aided. If that situation happens, the departments and branches departments will be responsible to the General Department, the Ministry and the Government. Thus, the State reserves system must closely monitor the local authorities to grasp the situation and actively respond, "- emphasized by the Deputy Director.

deputy minister of finance to prevent the situation where the storm passed long ago but people have not been aided Aiding store rice to support locals for ensuring quality and quantity

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The leader of the Ministry of Finance also requested the GDSR to rearrange the system of facilities, including warehouses and headquarters in the direction of meeting the demand on the spot but not overspreading; regularly reviewing the list of reserve goods to respond in time. Particularly, perfecting and restructuring the organization in the spirit of streamlining the apparatus but ensuring stability and development.

By Hong Van/ Huyen Trang