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Deploy the underground scanning system in Tan Son Nhat airport in January 2017

09:32 | 27/12/2016

VCN - According to HCMC Customs Department, at the end of January of 2017, the unit will deploy the underground scanning system for cargo scanning in the Tan Son Nhat airport.  

thang 1 2017 trien khai he thong soi ngam tai san bay tan son nhat
Scanning hand luggage in Tan Son Nhat internation airport. Photo: T.H

The deployment of underground scanning will allow all registered baggage of entry passengers checked via scanner without disassembly and damage as well as affect to the procedure process of entry passengers.

If the scanner detects suspicious luggage, it will be continuously monitored throughout the moving process in the underground system until the procedures stage. Then when passengers receive the baggage, they will be directed to the inspection area and Customs declaration for further execution. The application of the underground scanner will facilitate the entry of passengers and minimize procedures time, only those passengers who carry suspicious luggage must take further steps of Customs inspection. Customs officers also reduce their pressure of work and have more time to focus to handle suspected cases and violations.

Meanwhile, HCMC Customs Department will deploy the e-manifest system in Tan Son Nhat airport. It is expected that the system will reduce the procedures and time for entry, leave or transit procedures. At the same time, Customs authorities will apply the system of electronic chip for tracking suspicious luggage to ensure strict management, improve the efficiency of handling violations, prevention of trafficking, illegal drugs and weapons transportation across the border.

By Le Thu/Thanh Thuy