July 17, 2019 23:18

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Da Nang Customs significantly reduced cargo clearance time

15:21 | 02/01/2019

VCN - In 2018, Da Nang Customs Department measured the clearance time of goods through the data collection for 100% of customs declarations that were officially registered within 6 consecutive working days (from 10/9/2018 till the end of 15/9/2018) and were monitored until goods were cleared/released. The results showed that many factors have significantly reduced time.

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Professional activities at Da Nang port Customs Branch (Da Nang Customs Department). Photo: M.Hùng

Specifically, for customs clearance goods at the port/border gate, the total number of imported goods declarations in the week was 1,234 declarations, an increase of 215 declarations compared to 2017 (1,019 declarations). The average time for customs clearance of import declaration is 19 hours 33 minutes 16 seconds, decreased by 8 hours 11 minutes 41 seconds compared to 2017 (27 hours 44 minutes 57 seconds).

For export goods, the number of declarations in the week was 835 declarations, an increase of 92 declarations compared to 2017 (734 declarations). The average time for customs clearance of export declaration is 2 hours 28 minutes 37 seconds, down 4 hours 51 minutes 23 seconds compared to 2017 (7 hours 20 minutes 00 seconds) and decreased at all stages of operation.

According to the analysis of Da Nang Customs Department, although the number of declarations in 2018 increased compared to 2017, however, the duration of customs officials' operations was mostly reduced compared to 2017. That is the great efforts of each customs official in professional positions.

Regarding the factors affecting the time of goods release, it could be seen that in 2018, the Government and Customs sector issued many policies and documents to reform modernization and reduce paperwork for enterprises. Customs sector also promoted IT applications in implementing customs procedures, customs clearance such as the system of electronic tax payment and customs clearance 24/7, implementing automatic customs management system (VASSCM).

The work of training and dissemination of newly promulgated legal documents were openly and quickly organized by Da Nang Customs Department in many ways such as: Posting information and providing advice on the website of the Department ; organized a conference to consult the implementation of automatic customs management system for warehouse enterprises, airport yards and consultation sessions to introduce new documents, exchange and solve problems of Enterprises in the process of customs clearance; evaluating enterprises’ problems through survey forms ...

The implementation of the National Single Window has increasingly developed and expanded to all relevant ministries and sectors, which has brought positive results, contributing to the cargo clearance being faster and more convenient.

Besides that businesses have been more proactive in implementing customs procedures. For red channel, the time for enterprises to present goods for the customs authorities to conduct physical inspection has been reduced in time more than before.

For goods brought into storage, the survey results of Da Nang Customs Department showed that the average time since the enterprise registered for declaration until the customs authority starts to check the details of the dossier was 31 hours 55 52 minutes, decreased by 22 hours 28 minutes 07 seconds compared to 2017.

The average time from when deciding to taking goods for preservation until the specialized inspection agency issued a certificate/notice of the inspection results was 139 hours 43 minutes 04 seconds, reducing 69 hours 46 minutes 15 seconds compared to the year 2017

The average cargo clearance time was 330 hours 31 minutes 29 seconds, decreased by 123 hours 20 minutes 19 seconds compared to 2017.

The above positive results showed that the time for specialized inspection agencies issuing certificates/notices of inspection results, and the time for enterprises presenting certificates/notices of inspection results to customs authorities for clearance is shorter than 2017, and at the same time, deploying the National Single Window in many ministries and authorities helped to look up specialized inspection results conveniently and quickly.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy