September 26, 2020 04:07

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Customs uniform and badge to be changed

08:57 | 08/08/2020

VCN- According to aproposal, the Anti-smuggling force of the Customs sector will have its own uniform.

customs uniform and badge to be changed General platform for online training courses of Customs sector
customs uniform and badge to be changed Customs receives and handles 38,233 applications, administrative procedures under single window mechanism, interlinked single window mechanism
customs uniform and badge to be changed
A patrol boat of Marine Enforcement Fleet 3 performs its duties. Photo: D.N

The anti-smuggling force does not have its own uniform

The Ministry of Finance is drafting a Decree on traditional flag, pennant, Customs logo, hat badge, badge, name badge, customs rank insignia, uniform, customs identification card and specific signs of patrol, inspection and supervision vehicles (replacing Decree 10/2005 / ND-CP).

Decree 10/2005/ND-CP regulating the traditional flag, pennant, Customs logo, customs hat badge, badge, name badge, customs rankinsignia, uniform, customs identification card was issued by the Government on January 31, 2005. 

According to the Ministry of Finance, after 15 years of implementation of Decree 10/2005/ND-CP has achieved many positive results, contributing to affirming the role and position of the Customs force in the direction of regularity and modernity, building a professional image and enhancing the position of customs force in performing tasks assigned by the State and Government. However, besides the achieved results, the Decree also has shortcomings and limitations.

Firstly, provisions on customs uniform in Decree 10/2005/ND-CP have some inconsistenciesbetween the regulations and model of autumn-winter formal uniform and should be amended and supplemented.

Due to the specific characteristics of work, customs officers regularly  contact international enterprises, partners and passengers but the color of current uniform has not shown its professionalism, modernity and majesty in performing tasks; the color of the uniform is not consistent with the image of Vietnam’s customs amid international integration.

Especially, the customs anti-smuggling force onland and sea does not have their own uniform to show their power in combating criminals in preventing smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across bordersand is not consistent with requirements on implementing mobiletasks to carry weapons, support tools and machines for this force in performing tasks.

It also does not provide specific signs for customs patrol and control boats.

It does not provide specific provisions on position of pennant, customs symbol, beacons, loudspeaker, whistle and specific signs for customs patrol, control and supervision vehicles.

customs uniform and badge to be changed
Customs officer of Marine Enforcement Fleet 2 wear spring-summer uniform on the patrol boat.

Specific signs for vehicles are necessary

To remove shortcomings and limitations, and stemming from the requirements of international integration, standardizing Vietnam's customs force with“professionalism, transparency and efficiency”, creating a legal basis for a modern customs, meeting requirements on the development of a socialist-oriented market economy, the Ministry of Finance said that the building a decree replacing Decree 10/2005/ND-CP is essential.

The decree replacing Decree 10/2005/ND-CP also aims to instruct provisions of Customs Law 2014 on traditional flag, pennant, Customs logo, customs hat badge,badge, name badge, customs rank insignia, uniform, customs identification card and specific signs of patrol, inspection and supervision vehicles to be consistent with current status, needs and trends.

Proposals in the draft are supplementing regulations on name badge and specific signs of patrol, inspection and supervision vehicles such as colors, regulations on plate placement, and position for installing pennant,beacons of ships, canoes, motorboats, cars for patrol, control and customs supervision.


Specifically, it supplements regulations on name badgesof customs officers such as the size and identification marks for the name badge of customs officers.

It amends and supplements regulations on customs rankinsignia, such as the abolishment of regulations on the size of buttons of customs rankinsignia, stripes and stars of customs rankinsignia; supplements regulations on simplified customs symbol,customs rank insignia for anti-smuggling to be consistent with  changes in customs uniform. 

It supplements and amends regulations on customs uniform such abolishing formal uniform for short-sleeved shirt and changing the color of spring-summer uniform from blue to navy (the same as autumn-winter uniform); changing uniform of anti- smuggling force.

It supplements provisions on specific signs of patrol, supervision and control vehicles.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan