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Customs topped the Finance sector for PAR index in 2018

14:51 | 22/09/2019

VCN –The General Department of Customs topped thePublic Administration Reform Index 2018 among General Departments under the Ministry of Finance according to Decision No. 1703/QD-BTC.

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customs topped the finance sector for par index in 2018 98 percent of administrative procedures’ dossiers are solve via online

In the ranking of par index of the General Departmentsona scale of 100, the General Department of Customs is ranked 1st among five Departments (self-assessment score is 97.5 and appraisal score is 96.5), State Treasury ranked 2nd (self-assessment score is 99.5 and appraisal score is 96), General Department of Taxation (self-assessment score is 98.5 and appraisal score is 95.5), State Securities Commission (self-assessment score is 100 and appraisal score is 96.5), the General Department of State Reserve (self-assessment score is 96; appraisal score is 94).

In order to create a fair and transparent business environment and reduce costs for businesses, the Customs sector has implemented synchronously and drastically the administrative reform plan in the spirit of Government’s Resolution 30c / NQ. -CP and the Public Administration Reform Plan 2018 of the Ministry of Finance.

customs topped the finance sector for par index in 2018
Customs administrative procedures are saving the business community about VND 15 billion per year. (In the photo: Operations at Nghi Son - Thanh Hoa Customs Branch). Photo: H. Nu

The Customs sector has set the target of developing online public services at levels 3 and 4 increasing by 80 percent; speeding up and raising the effectiveness of the National Single Window, ASEAN Single Window and trade facilitation.In the future, the Customs sector will continue focusing on reforming institutions, administrative procedures, public finance and modernizing Customs. The Customs agency continues to strongly implement administrative procedure reform towards facilitating and reducing the compliance cost with administrative procedures for businesses. The publicity of customs administrative procedures of the Customs makes it easy for businesses to access administrative procedures. Proposals to abolish unnecessary procedures; reduce and simplify administrative procedures; cutting down business conditions in the field of customs is expected to save the business community about VND15 billion per year while still ensuring the requirements of state management in the field of customs. The specialized inspection is always strengthened, thereby, ministries and sectors must enhance reforms.

According to the announced results of PAR index, all the General Departments under the Ministry of Finance achieved over 90 percent of the maximum pointsand there was not much difference, which showed the administration reform results of the units were quite high and comprehensive. These results also shows the unit's attention and efforts in deploying administration reform tasks with specific programs and plans.

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The assessment of the PAR index has contributed to helping the Ministry of Finance continue to maintain its position as ranked 2nd among 19 ministries and ministerial-level agencies for 5 consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and 2018). This is an important basis to further confirm the objectives and significance of the PAR index, including helping the Ministry of Finance in general and its units in particular to achieve administrative reform results, innovate and gradually improve policies and institutions, contributing to improving management effectiveness and efficiency.

By Dao Le/ Huyen Trang