June 16, 2019 05:40

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Customs: To launch a series of high-speed ships operate against smuggling

15:53 | 15/03/2019

VCN - The series of 6 high-speed ships, which have been put into operation and exploitation by the Customs, will make an important contribution to improving the effectiveness for the fight against smuggling at sea.

customs to launch a series of high speed ships operate against smuggling The image of flag raising ceremony in the Customs high speed patrol boat in Danang
customs to launch a series of high speed ships operate against smuggling Hai Phong Customs suggested to equipped more vessels to serve for the work of preventing smuggled cigarettes
customs to launch a series of high speed ships operate against smuggling Customs strengthen anti-smuggling of mazut oil in the northern border
customs to launch a series of high speed ships operate against smuggling
HQ11-91-66 high-speed ship of Hai Phong 1 leads a fleet of two wrongful vessels (in the middle) to Hai Cang's pier in Ha Long and Quang Ninh City. Photo: T. Binh

6 modern high-speed ships

In Directive No. 701 / TTg of October 29, 1995, the Prime Minister assigned the Customs sector to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with related forces in performing the task of preventing and combating smuggling and illegal transportation of goods at sea. Implementing the above directive and directing the Ministry of Finance, the Customs sector has established specialized units to combat smuggling at sea under the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department and some key customs departments.6 modern high-speed ships

In the process of operation, the anti-smuggling force at sea achieved positive results, but still not as expected. One of the reasons is limited equipment, especially of ships

In this situation, on September 12, 2011, the Prime Minister issued Decision 1577 / QD-TTg approving the investment project on equipment and ship management of the customs sector in the period of 2011-2020. Accordingly, the investment in equipment and management of vessels of the Customs sector must ensure the enhancement of effectiveness and efficiency of patrol, control, arrest, prevention and combat of smuggling and transportation for goods across borders, contributing to preserving economic security, national security and economic sovereignty. Equipping ship system with modern technical features, capable of performing assigned tasks and participating in coordination and supporting other relevant forces; a key investment in accordance with the nature of the mission and geographical areas of customs operation ...

Implementing the above decision, in the past time, the Customs has actively implemented the construction of boats and ships to serve the anti-smuggling work at sea. In particular, recently, the Customs sector has completed and put into operation 6 high-speed vessels, one of the important contents in implementing the scheme under Decision 1577.

According to the Department of Finance-Administration (General Department of Customs), of the 6 newly built high-speed ships, 5 were equipped for units under the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department. In particular, the Northern Marine Control Squadron (Squadron 1) has 2 ships; Marine control squadron in the South (Squadron 3) has 2 ships; Marine control squadron in the Central region (Squadron 2) has 1 ship. The remaining ship is equipped for Quang Ninh Customs Department.

6 high-speed Customs ships are built by reputable units of a shipbuilding company, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company (General Department of Defense Industry, Ministry of Defense).

The leader of Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company said that the high-speed ships for Customs were jointly designed by the Military Ship Design Institute and the Shipbuilding Technology Development Company on the basis of the model of high-speed patrol ship for Vietnam Coast Guard. The ship has a length of 34.37m, the largest width is 6.8m, and the amount of water displacement is 123 tons. The ship has a capacity of 5,200 horsepower, is equipped with synchronous equipment, the maximum speed is 30 knots / hour, the range is 1,200 nautical miles, with a continuous time of 15 days / night on the sea ...

Belief to patrol at sea

Being the assigned unit to put into operation a high-speed ship (ship HQ11-91-66) and setting up the first victory with the arrest of 50,000 liters of gasoline (September 2018) in the northeast sea, the 1st Squadron (Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department) clearly recognized the superior features of the new high-speed ships.

Team leader Dao Xuan Thanh shared: On the immense seas, staff almost have to be independent and active in combat. While approaching the target, it is very difficult to implement seizure plans, because large-capacity smugglers can easily disappear from sight after just one wave. Therefore, timely equipping the ship HQ11-91-66 makes an important contribution to the unit fulfilling its assigned tasks.

Sitting in the spacious room of the ship HQ11-91-66 used to receive guests and common activities, civil servants, crew members and workers confided: Many of 1st Squadron’s ships were stationed at sea for a long time, old, low speed, it was very difficult to apprehend and arrest smuggling ships at sea. With the new ships’ capacity, range and speed, the unit has received more strength and is more secure in implementing the tasks of smuggling prevention. Not only invested in equipment for professional work, facilities for CBCC life on board were also focused on for ensuring long-term work by the Customs officers when at sea for the HQ11-91-66 ships.

According to the leaders of Quang Ninh Customs Department, in the 80-90 years of the 20th century equipment was backward, the patrol vehicles were only 33 CV horse power wooden hull ships, gradually upgraded to 90 CV iron hull ships, then to 150 CV, 350 CV, and in 1999 equipped with 1,080 CV intermediate patrol ships. During that period of time, civil servants and the No. 2 Customs Control Team always tried their best, overcame all difficulties, completed all assigned tasks, step by step grew and matured, and discovered and arrested thousands of violations, and collected billions of VND for the state budget.

But in the current period, smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across the border have changed, especially on the sea route. Because Quang Ninh sea area stretches over 200 km, there are thousands of large and small islands with many channels, horizontal yards and parking lots, which are easy conditions for subjects to take advantage of smuggling and illegally transporting goods cross the border. Therefore, for many years, Quang Ninh waters have always been identified as one of the key areas for smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation of goods. Although the current time of smuggling activity is not "hot" and complicated, there is always a potential for a flare up when there is a chance because of the above favorable conditions. Therefore, it requires the functional forces to fight smuggling and prevention, including Quang Ninh Customs to be ready in all situations, to do good basic operations and to firmly grasp the situation in the area; ready for forces and means to effectively fight against smuggling and illegal transportation of goods taking place in the area.

customs to launch a series of high speed ships operate against smuggling General Department of Vietnam Customs receive 2 high speed boats HQ-120

VCN – Two HQ-120 boats have a maximum speed of 30 knots, with a range of up ...

"Being equipped with a new high-speed ship by the General Department of Customs (HQ14-91-09) will make an important contribution to Quang Ninh Customs Department to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the prevention and combat of smuggling at sea in the new situation," - Leaders of Quang Ninh Customs Department shared.

By Thai Binh/Bui Diep