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Customs to closely control imported loudspeakers

19:30 | 09/07/2019

VCN- Customs branches are strengtheningscreening methods to discover drugs in imported shipments declared as cabinet loudspeakers andmobile loudspeakers.  

customs closely controls imported loudspeakers Lao Bao Customs detected 19 kg drugs in loudspeakers
customs closely controls imported loudspeakers Investigating to clarify the shipment of loudspeakers labeled “Made in Vietnam”
customs closely controls imported loudspeakers
Synthetic drugs hidden inside two cabinet loudspeakers detected by Customs.

It is requested by the General Department of Vietnam Customs for customs departments and branches to strengthen control over imported cabinet loudspeakers andmobile loudspeakers.

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, through drug arrests by competent forces, criminals often hide drugs in cabinet loudspeakers and mobile loudspeakers to avoid inspection and supervision of competent forces.

To strengthen strictinspection and control the risk of smugglers abusing the import and export of these items to smuggle drugs to Vietnam and transit them to other countries, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has requested customs departments to direct theirs customs branches to focus on supervising, inspecting and controlling; intensify the application of screening methods and operational measures to detect imported shipmentsdeclared as cabinet loudspeakers andmobile loudspeakers, especially shipments originating from targeted areas producing, trading and transporting drugs such as China, Cambodia, the Golden Triangle (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar); Golden Crescent region (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan), South American countries and Africa.

The General Department of Vietnam Customs also requested Anti-drug Enforcement Team, Risk Management Division and specialised divisions to promote coordination in providing and exchanging information inside and outside the sector to enhance the implementation of professional measures for drug detection to inspect and screen exported cabinet loudspeakers andmobile loudspeakers shipments and in transit with suspicious signs.

By Quang Hung/ Ngoc Loan