April 04, 2020 16:51

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Customs striving to exceed 3% of assigned budget target

19:58 | 13/02/2020

VCN- The General Department of Customs has just issued Decision 156 / QD-TCHQ on the Action Plan to implement Resolution 01 / NQ-CP and Resolution 01 / NQ-BCSĐ of the Ministry of Finance's Party Committee directing the successful implementation of the financial - state budget tasks in 2020.

nganh hai quan phan dau thu ngan sach vuot 3 chi tieu duoc giao Efforts of local tax departments in fulfilling the state budget target appreciated
nganh hai quan phan dau thu ngan sach vuot 3 chi tieu duoc giao The fourth consecutive year the State revenue surpassed the estimate
nganh hai quan phan dau thu ngan sach vuot 3 chi tieu duoc giao Hai Phong Customs strives to achieve new budget record of nearly 50,000 billion VND

In 2020, the General Department of Customs is assigned a budget estimate of VND338,000 billion. This is a big challenge for the whole sector in the context that in 2020, many product streams have import tax rates reduced to 0% and the world situation has many unpredictable developments. Therefore, in order to complete this task, the General Department of Customs has issued an action plan on all aspects to effectively mobilize and use resources, improve management effectiveness and efficiency of the sector, in which the state budget revenue target is prioritized.

Accordingly, in order to improve the efficiency of the state budget revenue management, the General Department of Customs requires the whole sector to restructure revenues, drastically combat revenue losses, transfer pricing, tax evasion, ensuringfull and correct collection of taxes, fees, charges and other revenues into the state budget, reducing the tax arrears to below 5%. Accordingly, in 2020, the Customs sector strives to increase by about 3% of the assigned target.

nganh hai quan phan dau thu ngan sach vuot 3 chi tieu duoc giao
Professional activities at Hai Phong Customs. Photo: T. Binh

In particular, to work with related agencies to further promote the modernization of tax collection and payment management process between Finance - Tax - Customs - State Treasury agencies. To collaborate with commercial banks to collect taxes through commercial banking systems, creating favorable conditions for taxpayers.

The General Department of Customs also aims to promote the application of information technology. In particular, to prioritize and focus on effectively implementing the tasks of building e-Government; accelerating the application of information technology, building an e-government on the basis of administrative reform, considering people and businesses as the center, standardizing business processes, towards a digital government,economy and society.

To promote processing of records in the network environment, strengthen connections between state administrative agencies and socio-political organizations and businesses. To effectively deploy the online public service model; continue to perfect electronic single window information systems, public service portal at all levels connected with the national public service portal; enhance accessibility to public administrative services of difficult and specialized subjects.

To focus on deploying information systems to serve the direction and administration of the Government, the Prime Minister, ministries, agencies and localities and information systems to serve people and businesses. To actively carry out the duties of thestanding agency on national single window and ASEAN single window and trade facilitation. To build and propose a master project on building and developing IT to serve the implementation of the ASEAN Single Window in the direction of centralized processing.

To reform and perfect information technology infrastructure and developa synchronous and modern digital infrastructure. To develop a Vietnamese digital ecosystem with shared platforms and new services and business models; gradually master the technology to create a breakthrough for the transition to a digital economy. To increase the cross-border trade transaction index by5-10 places.

To promote administrative reform, implement the reduction of administrative procedures and business conditionsmore quickly, drastically and substantially; strongly reform specialized inspections towards socialization, shifting from pre-clearance inspection to post-clearance inspection. To reform customs procedures towards electronic customs, in line with international standards; and eliminate informal costs for businesses.

nganh hai quan phan dau thu ngan sach vuot 3 chi tieu duoc giao
Customs will strengthen the strict control of technology imports, especially used technology. Photo: H.Nu.

To update and publicize simplified administrative procedures related to the granting of business eligibility certificates; publicize comparison tables of business conditions before and after the abolition and simplification. To strictly implement the announcement and publicization ofsimplified administrative procedures related to the granting of business eligibility certificates from 2020 onwards,according to the regulations on control of administrative procedures. In addition, the General Department of Customs will immediately engage in reviewing the actual reduction of 50% of the items on the list of specialized inspection items. To study and introduce solutions to immediately solve the long-term problems in the taxation onredundant raw materials and supplies from export production and processing. To formulate a scheme on specialized inspection reform towards thecustoms office as a focal point for specialized inspection at border gates (except for goods related to security, defense, quarantine).

In addition, the General Department of Customs requires units to continue strengthening the prevention and combat of smuggling, illegal cross-border transportation of goods, trade fraud and intellectual property infringement to strictly control import and export goods, helping increase state budget revenue.

In particular, Customs will strictly control technology imports, especially used technology and encourage high-tech imports.

To accomplish the set goals, the General Department of Customs will embark on improving the quality of cadres and officials, consolidating and streamlining the apparatus to meet the requirements of the sector's reform and modernization and international economic integration; continue to reduce heads of organizations and units in the whole system. To implement personnel streamlining associated with apparatus streamlining and restructure the contingent of civil servants and employees.

At the same time, to promote decentralization associated with improving the management and administration capacity of leaders at all levels; strengthen administrative discipline, uphold the responsibility of the head. To improve the sense of responsibility and morality of civil servants; and strictly handle acts of harassment, negativity and law violations to people and businesses.

By Dao Le/ Huyen Trang