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Customs strives to increase to 168 procedures for online public services

07:49 | 02/02/2018

VCN –The number of administrative procedures that are set into online public services will account for most administrative procedures in Customs field and are provided minimum at level 3. 

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Currently, IT programs are applied in almost areas of Customs professional operations , including the provision of online public services. In the photo, Cao Bang Customs officers work on IT applications. Photo: T.Bình.

According to Customs IT and Statistics Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs), in 2018, the Customs Sector has a plan to officially deploy 42 administrative procedures in Customs field via online public services, with minimum level of 3. Thus, it increases the total number of administrative procedures that provided minimally at level 3 to 168 procedures, equivalent to nearly 94.4% of total administrative procedures in Customs field.

Furthermore, in order to open the online public services in 2018, the Customs IT and Statistic Department has urgently upgraded technical infrastructure, developed IT application, completed the pilot program, and currently completes the functions and operation rules of the system in order to serve for the official deployment.

Representative of Customs IT and Statistic Department said that, from 1/3/2017, the online public service systems has officially added more than 46 procedures, raising the number of provided online public service procedures to a minimum level of 3, to 126/178. In that, there are 123 procedures provided at level 4 (the maximum level of public service in Vietnam currently). Ending 2017, the online public service system of Customs sector has received and handled more than 73,000 dossiers, with a participation of nearly 11,800 individuals and enterprises.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy