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Customs strictly supervise steel items

09:55 | 05/12/2017

VCN – Responding to the press about Customs supervision on the situation of Chinese steel camouflaged and exported as Vietnam steel, Director of Import-Export Duty Department, General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) said that, Customs authorities strictly controls the taking advantage of goods origin for export, especially steel items. 

hai quan giam sat chat mat hang thep
Lang Son Customs officers inspected imported steel.

Mr. Tuong said that, for the exported steel (suspected Chinese steel “camouflaged” as made in Vietnam), Customs authorities are coordinating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) for clarification.

GDVC has also issued a document to direct the Border-gate Customs authorities to intensify the inspection and control to prevent frauds.

In fact, the management of C/O is not a function of the Customs, however, GDVC has closely cooperated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and VCCI in supervising and inspecting the process of granting C/O as well as origin of exported steel items in order to avoid fraudulence of the origin of steel in particular, and export goods in general.

By Hải Nam/Thanh Thuy